I really didn’t want to workout tonight #sweatpink #happymama

Tonight I really didn’t want to workout. So much so, that I did everything else I could around the house to *almost* avoid working out since it was getting so late.

I tried to put Hilary down for the night…. 50 minutes later she was singing in her bed and that lead to crying in her bed. My husband went in and managed to get her asleep – after another 40 minutes of crying in his arms. (Hilary – you can get over this not-wanna-be-in-anyone-else’s-arms-but-mom’s phase any day now). During that time I thought about working out while I did the following:

  • dishes from dinner
  • dishes from baking earlier today
  • cleaned up Lilly’s toys
  • Facebook – three times
  • Email – two different email accounts
  • Drank some Soy chocolate milk (not a good idea before you workout)

When my husband emerged from Hilary’s bedroom I said I might go workout. I actually said might twice to him. So I went to our bedroom, got my workout gear on and dreaded the walk downstairs to workout.

I really didn’t want to work out.

I sat in front of the TV and decided not to do the 30 Day Shred but start the “Ripped in 30” DVD by Jillian Michael’s which I’ve only ever done the first level.

Again, I was dreading this workout.

It started and I got warmed up.

I somehow found myself loving this workout …. that I was dreading only a few minutes prior.

It was hard, it was a challenge….it was JUST what I needed.

A good kick in the ass.

And now I feel great.

Operation “Get Fit … Lose Pounds” is now in effect. Yesterday I ran for 20 minutes with Hilary and then raked our front lawn for 40 minutes.  I was a little sore today.

Running with Hilary

Running with Hilary

I’ll be blogging more about “Get Fit…Lose Pounds” soon.

It’s 10:10 PM …. I must go shower and hopefully have a good night’s sleep *fingers crossed*.

Does working out get you motivated to keep going?

What’s your favourite at-home workout?