May “30 Day Ab’s” Challenge – Are You Up For It?

This is very last-minute of me (on the blog) but I’ve decided to do a 30 Day Ab’s Challenge that I came across on Facebook last night. I posted it to my Piper’s Run Facebook Page and had a few takers ….. so, look’s like I’m adding this to my list of workouts this month.

Starting today, May 1st until May 3oth … and rest on the 31st 🙂

May Challenge 30 Day Ab Challenge

Original Challenge found at Jodi Higgs.

Are you in? 

Let a message and let me know.

Good Luck!

Please note, I am not a Doctor or Certified Personal Fitness Trainer – please consult both before starting a new workout.

22 thoughts on “May “30 Day Ab’s” Challenge – Are You Up For It?

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  2. i was wondering on the 30 day ab challenge if you do the planks in intervals or if you hold the plank for the total amount of time

    • I would think it would be hold the plank for the total amount of time not in intervals BUT whatever works for you. There is nothing wrong with doing the plank in intervals. As I mentioned in the post, I am not a certified fitness/personal instructor but sharing this workout.

  3. I’m on day 6 and I must say I’ve always had a hard time working out each day but I’ve been doing this every day and I love the burn.

  4. Hubby, myself and my nephew are doing it together. Must be said I need it more than them,but in my support they have decided to follow the program. Very anxious to see the final results!!! First 3 days have been tough, hope it gets a bit easier at some point.

    • I believe you are to do these one after the other, taking a break as needed. You can break it up into manageable sets 15/20 at a time. You could also talk to a certified fitness instructor.

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