Operation “Get Fit” is in Affect

The last week I’ve been working my little ass off in attempted to “Get Fit” again. Okay, let’s be honest, I gotta lose this baby weight. I am now 5 months postpartum and have 15 pounds away from pre-pregnancy weight, urgh! All well, that’s life, right! 

At this time postpartum with Lilly (baby #1) I had completed a 10k race just before she turned 4 months. I was running a few days a week and was definitely pushing my limits. This time around I’ve been way more relaxed about losing the weight but that all stops now. It’s not that much to lose but at the same time it’s a good amount of fat that’s on my body that is making me feel gross. I don’t blog about my weight since that’s not the focus of this blog but I do like to blog about the workouts I am doing and how challenging it is with children, working etc.

Que in “Operation Get Fit”. I need to get fit again. I need to feel better about myself, I need to lose some weight. So each week I will blog about what workout’s I’ve done and the struggles of trying to accomplish working out with two young children, a house to deal with, chores to do and daily life.

I thought about calling this “challenge” many different names, such as:

  • Operation Get Fit … Lose Weight
  • Operation Lose the Baby Fat
  • Operation Shred Pounds Now
  • Operation – How Did That Fat Get There?
  • Operation Get Fit Postpartum

In the end, I just want to”Get fit”. Keep it simple, right!

This all started last week when the beautiful bridesmaid dress arrived that I am wearing for a wedding in June (24th). This is the first time I’ve ever been asked to be a bridesmaid so I’m pretty excited to be standing in a wedding for one of my best friends. Obviously I was eager to try on the dress and see what it looked like.  We got to choose the style and the bride picked the colour (box blue – so beautiful). Anyway, I put the dress on and couldn’t zip it up. Holy shit balls! (yeah I said shit balls)… I couldn’t zip it up.

What am I going to do, I thought.

My mother happened to be visiting that night, so off I went to her and my husband with my little predicament. They both said “you’ve got to start working out more” and you know what they were right. I do. It’s all on me, no one else can do it for me.

Last week I managed to work out 5 days in a row (blog post to come); everything from running/raking leaves, Ripped in 30 DVD, 30 Day Abs Challenge, walking, yoga. I also plan on using other DVD workouts and Brad Gouthro workouts too.

My body hurts, but I feel stronger … I feel good! I have to get fit and zip that dress up all the way! I’ve also committed to running the Mud Hero in July, Run or Dye in September and I really want to run a sub 30 5k and 10k under 60 minutes this year.

I’ll keep you up to date on Operation Get Fit each week and then will share with you a picture of the beautiful bridesmaid dress after the wedding … a girl can’t share all her secrets (friend’s wedding secrets) on her blog, can she 🙂

What are your favourite workouts to lose a few pounds?

Ever not fit into something that you had to?


15 thoughts on “Operation “Get Fit” is in Affect

  1. I totally relate! Except now my baby is two and I’m still working at the baby belly ha ha. It’s a different ball game when there are extra monkeys around. Stay focused but be kind to yourself…just having two little ones around is a challenge in itself.
    Wishing you good vibes on your journey and look forward to reading about it!

    • It is hard with little ones around. I find if I don’t get out for a run or walk with the stroller then the only time (right now) I have is to work out once they both go to bed.

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