Operation “Get Fit” Week 1 Workouts Complete

Last week I started “Operation Get Fit” and am pretty proud of myself. I don’t remember the last time I worked out 5 days in a row without something getting in my way. This is what my week looked like:

Sunday April 28th – Nothing

Monday April 29th

  • Running with Baby H for 25 minutes
  • Raked the front lawn for 40 minutes

    Hilary is such a slacker!

    Hilary is such a slacker!

Tuesday April 30th

  • Ripped in 30 DVD  (20 minutes)

After this workout I felt like I did okay but struggled in some areas.

Wednesday May 1st

  • Ripped in 30 DVD  (20 L-O-N-G minutes)

I just hurt after this workout – achy muscles.

Thursday May 2nd:

  • Walking with Baby H for 35 minutes
  • Yoga Flex 10 minutes (Best. Feeling. Ever.)

My muscles hurt SO much I decided I needed a little rest but moving was key to loosening up my muscles and then did a little yoga to stretch my body out. I felt so good after this.

Friday May 3rd:

  • Ripped in 30 DVD (20 minutes)
  • Yoga Flex – 10 minutes

I actually felt stronger during this workout which was a nice change.

Saturday – Day off spent with family running around the local playground.

Don't forget to Hydrate!

Don’t forget to Hydrate!

What’s your favourite workout?

Did you run this week, hit the gym, cross fit, DVD at home ?