Running against the wind & WIAW

Yesterday I went for my first 5k run with baby Hilary the her stroller. After doing Ripped in 30 for the last week I realised that I am in fact getting stronger. However, it wasn’t without a challenge.

I decided Monday night after my Ripped in 30 (level 1) that I would run Tuesday morning when Hilary was to nap – which could be anywhere between 8:30 and 10 am. I was really not wanting to run, especially since I did a pretty intense workout the night before. Even though both Hilary and Lilly slept well (I was only up twice) I still was dragging my feet. She started to get fussy so I got on my running gear and got her in her stroller and off we went.

Happy Hilary and tired Mommy before running

Happy Hilary and tired Mommy before running

First off, it was bloody hot outside and I should have worn a tank top and shorts not t-shirt plus long sleeve on top and Capri   pants. My plan was to warm up by walking for 10 minutes and then run 5 k. After 5 minutes I got bored with walking and started running … off came the long-sleeved top which came in handy later to keep the sun off Hilary’s face.

The run out was awesome. I felt strong, I felt like I had been running for months. I was surprised at how good I felt. I guess my workouts are starting to pay off. Yeah, for “Operation Get Fit”. I had a few crosswalks to wait for and checked in on Hilary  a few times and was 1/2 way done my run before I knew it. Sweet! Or so I thought!

Oh man! I thought I was slapped across the face and my body wasn’t moving. The WIND was rather strong and with a jogging stroller I struggled as the air was catching the shade visor and keeping me from moving forward. I was felt defeated 😦 My run out was SO good and I was expecting the same on the way back.

One exhausted Mama!

One exhausted Mama!

I refocused my goal of running the whole time and did what I could do until I was out of the wind. I even managed to run half way up this steep hill to our subdivision that I’m sure the two old lady’s I passed thought I was crazy to do. I didn’t feel defeated anymore.

I finished the run and did a 5 minute cool down while walking home. Hilary was asleep and I finished my first 5 k postpartum. Now I know I can do it again and again and work towards my goal of running a 5 k under 29:16 sometime this year.

What I Ate Wednesday … thanks to Jenn at Peas and Crayons

Parent and Toddler style …



Home made pizza’s: chicken, asparagus, green/red peppers, mushrooms and cheese.

Mama’s (and Daddy’s) salad: spinach, tomatoes, baby carrots, mushrooms, snow peas, cashews, sunflower seeds and raisins.

Lilly’s pizza – sauce, cheese. Keep it simple!

Lilly’s salad: cashews, 1 piece of spinach, carrots, sunflower seeds, raisins with “fruit dressing”.

Sandwich: Homemade multi-grain whole wheat bread, curried mayo (I made), spinach and left over chicken.

Round 2 ….

WIAW May 7 number 2

My new favourite wrap – 12 Grain Wrap, hummus, spinach and hickory smoked tofurky deli slices! (I can’t believe I like them…I ran out of sandwich meat and “borrowed” some of my husbands…new favourite!). Bolthouse Farms “Amazing Mango” smoothie – a little someone was trying to sneak a little.

Breakfast – scrambled eggs, banana, bran apple cinnamon muffin and OJ.

Water, water and more water. I can’t get enough of this stuff!

That’s what I’ve been eating.

Did you ever have an awesome run only to feel defeated on the return?

What are you eating these days?