Zola Coconut Water Review #sweatpink

A few weeks ago I had a knock at my door and it was a delivery man. I was a little taken back as I haven’t purchase anything that would required a delivery at my doorstep but I accepted it anyway. The box did have my name on it 🙂

As I opened up the package the colours jumped out at me, along with the product of course! I had completely forgotten about participating in a Twitter chat a while back and was pumped to review these products.



Now, I got to be honest – I am not a big fan of coconut water. You’re probably wondering why I would agree to do the review for a product I wouldn’t normally consume. I guess I figured maybe a different brand would catch my fancy and I’d come to love coconut water. Keep reading.

My husband loves coconut water so I figured if I couldn’t drink it, he would. I We tried the first Zola Coconut Water (pulp free) after working out; we both went for a run, my husband went twice the distance than I. To my surprise I kinda liked it.

I We tried the second Zola Coconut Water with pulp and decided I liked the pulp free one better. My husband liked this one better.

What I have decided with coconut water is that I would best enjoy it mixed in a smoothie. I’m not saying the Zola Coconut Water was bad. I’m saying my taste buds were not in love with it on its own.



Things I do like about Zola Coconut Water:

1. I like the size they offer – not your normal 355 ml but a 520 ml bottle.

2. I also like the fact that it’s a great electrolyte replacee: potassium, sodium, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium.

3. That it’s vegan. No, I’m not a vegan BUT my husband is and I like to know what products I can buy him.

4. It’s pretty fresh and light tasting – wasn’t heavy or make me feel bloated.




Acai berryThen I tried the Zola Organic Acai Juice. I’ve never had any Acai Juice before so this flavour was completely new to me. To my surprise (for some reason) I really liked it! The berry flavour was nice and strong but not over powering.


Chillin' after my workout drinking Zola Acai Juice - I know...you're all jealous!

Chillin’ after my workout drinking Zola Acai Juice – I know…you’re all jealous!


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