Monkey Update: 5 Months!

Last Friday Hilary turned 5 months old!!! Gosh, babies grow fast!. She’s such a happy baby… seriously. I would say 90% of the time she is smiling, happy and now giggling. The other 10% she’s cranky, fussy and not happy in Daddy’s arms (my poor husband). To be honest, she’s not happy in anyone else arms but somehow my sister seems to have a little more luck on her side.

Hilary 5 months old

Hilary 5 months old


  • Loves when Daddy blows kisses to her
  • Putting her feet on things to help her roll on her side
  • Sitting in her highchair while we eat breakfast/lunch/dinner
  • Play dates with her friends
  • Bath time
  • Pooping in the bath (not just randomly but EVERY single night AND multiple times)
  • Her new jogging stroller

Hilary jogging stroller


  • Still hates socks
  • Laying down playing too long
  • Her bouncy chair; especially when we are eating a meal at the table
  • Bottles (she won’t take a bottle … bit of a problem we are working on)
So focused and happy!

So focused and happy!

New Happenings:

  • Bed time routine: Nurse, Bath, Cuddles, Nurse again and bed between 7 – 8pm!
  • Reaching on back for toys: arching her back like she’s going to roll over
  • Teething has started: drool and biting everything (even when nursing – ouch!)
  • Giggles
  • Very interested in foods we are eating, reaching for food/drink when I am eating.
  • Grabbing for her feet.

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