Operation Get Fit Week 2 Workouts 5/1/13 – 5/11/13

Another week of Operation “Get Fit” workouts are done! I felt much stronger this week and feeling good about my workouts. This is what my week of workouts looked like…….and the challenges that came with them:

I am working for it!

Sunday – Ripped in 30 Level 1

  • pretty easy, getting kinda bored
  • I still hate “running jacks” but completely nailed them

Monday – Ripped in 30 Level 1

  • most of the workout I kept thinking that it was getting too boring for me and really questioned if I should move on to Level 2
  • felt great afterwards

Tuesday – 5k run with baby H 

  • I was super exhausted and really didn’t want to go (but went anyway…I got a blog to write)
  • It was extremely hot out that day and I dressed for winter apparently (not really but that’s what I felt like)
  • Awesome run out 2.5 k and terrible 2.5 back running against the wind with a stroller – what was I thinking???

Wednesday – rest day.

Thursday – Ripped in 30 Level 1

  • First question: WHY, why did I take yesterday as a rest day? Bad idea. I was so unmotivated to workout Thursday night. I wanted to poke myself in the eye for taking Wednesday off. Note to self:  if taking a rest day Mon-Fri, always, always go for a walk with baby H.
  • Second question: Why am I still on level 1….seriously I gotta move on.

Friday – Ripped in 30 Level 2

  • Holy shit, why did I move on to Level 2?
  • I felt like I was learning a new dance and I had two left feet. I was all over the place. I’d watch the new to me move and figure out how to do it with no grace at all. Thank goodness no one was watching me or they would have died from laughter. Seriously, they would have!

Saturday – I took the day off and spent it with my girls and husband. We went to the Farmer’s Market, Pete’s, and my husband and I went on a date! My parents looked after the girls (who did awesome) and we went off to the Waterville Fire Department Awards night where my husband is a member. It was a nice night out but I was happy to get home and hear how the girls did, visit with my parents and go to bed.


It’s been two full weeks that I managed to work out 5-6 days of the week! I don’t want to toot my own horn but I have to admit, I am a little impressed with myself. All of my workouts (DVD’s) are done at night, usually after 8:30 pm and I run or walk in the morning.

I am seeing a few results from the last two weeks. I usually lose weight from the head down and that’s how I know I am losing weight. My face is a little more slim, my arms a little smaller and my pants are a little looser. I haven’t been on the scale or did measurements yet but will do that soon. More importantly, I feel strong. When I ran this week (and pushed Hilary in her stroller) it was easier than before. I felt stronger, confident I could run the 5k with her and still walk afterwards 🙂 I am feeling better about myself. I’ll be honest here….when I have extra weight on me I feel crappy and don’t like what I look like, I feel gross. But hopefully that’s all behind me now.

If you missed week 1 of Operation Get Fit – go here.

And, Operation Get Fit – the plan – go here.

What workouts did you do this week?

Did you run outside? Workout indoors? Hit the gym?

When do you know it’s time to move on from a workout or up to the next level of a workout?

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8 thoughts on “Operation Get Fit Week 2 Workouts 5/1/13 – 5/11/13

  1. I also end up working out later at night like that. Typically I put the kids to bed, and maybe read a story or two, then hit the gym for a treadmill run or stationary bike. Good job getting them all done! that’s a solid week.

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