What I learned on my run last night

Last night I went on a run at 9:14 pm; I know that because I didn’t have a watch on me and looked at the clock before I opened the door. It was cold, dark and really quiet out there. This is what I learned on my run last night:

1 Most people are watching TV at 9 pm. I wasn’t peeping in people’s houses but I could see the flash of light from many TV’s.

2 – No one…I mean no one in my subdivision was outside. It was kinda creepy running without anyone around however there were tones of cars in their driveways …. must have been watching TV.

3 – The moon was pretty awesome to see. Not something you see on your runs every day; unless you are running at night when other’s are watching TV.

4 – One of the apple orchards was spraying their trees at night. I was trying to figure out what the nasty noise was and figured it out once I reached the top of a long inclined road. Lights from a tractor pushing out what I am assuming were chemical’s on their trees. Note to self – eat organic apples.

5 – I am getting stronger from my 5-6 workouts a week.  Those workouts are paying off 🙂 Go “Operation Get Fit”!

6 – I love running even more, feeling faster and am more confident. I haven’t felt like this in over a year. Yes, I do realise I was pregnant for most of last year and stopped running at 18 weeks pregnant.

7 – Why do we obsess over our weight? So, I gained a pound and lost 3 inches in the last two weeks, weird, eh?

8 – I need to go running on my own more often. 19 minutes of “ME” time well spent tonight.

9 – Why did I not sign up for the Bluenose Marathon 5k this year. Kicking myself in the butt. Happy 10 Years Bluenose Marathon – can’t wait to hear all about it.

10 – When can I get out again? Maybe tomorrow.

What do you learn on your runs?

Do you ever run late at night?

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14 thoughts on “What I learned on my run last night

    • I like running at night, especially in the summer when it’s still light out at 8:30/9ish….it’s a good way for me to de-stress the day away 🙂 Hope you had a great run!

  1. Nothing like quiet reflection while your feet pound the pavement! I never run at night mostly because I live right downtown in a big city and don’t have great reflective gear – I’m more of a morning runner for sure!

    • I find running can really clear your head and help you get lost for a little while from everything. I can’t get myself up early enough to run…unless it’s a race 😉

  2. I was one of those tv watchers at 9pm. We can’t do night runs alone (women) where we live. Even our “safe” neighborhood has had a couple scary situations.

    • I’m going to be one of those people watching TV tonight at 9 🙂 I managed to work out this morning!
      It’s hard when the community you live in is not safe. I was a little uncomfortable a few times but there were lots of cars and houses everywhere so I felt safe.

  3. I tend to stay on the treadmill after dark, but it was about 8:45 when I started running last night too. Good job getting the miles in! And you certainly do see the strangest stuff in the ‘hoods at night. Same thing running before dawn – it gets weird.

    • I wish we had a treadmill so I could run anytime, any day of the year indoors. I would still want to get my outdoor runs in because I love being outside. The thought of being able to run/train in my own home when my girls are asleep and hubby isn’t around would be awesome. We are planning on getting a treadmill in the next year so we have to start our research on what we want.

  4. I love this! Although I’m wary of running by myself at night, I relish every minute of my solitary runs. Time by myself to just…be. Sometimes I’m not even thinking consciously, but when I get back home, I realize that I’ve suddenly made a revelation or made a decision that I had been struggling over for some time (I’m hoping that my long run on Sunday will result in me knowing which college to transfer to!). Running really does wonders, doesn’t it? 🙂 And don’t worry about the 5k, I’m sure there will be many other opportunities!

    • You are right – it is important to have time to “just be”, to not think about anything yet everything at the same time. It’s funny that you commented on my 5k that I didn’t register for. Today, I drafted a post called “regrets” and how I really regretted not signing up for the 5k this weekend. Obviously, I didn’t hit publish and I am unsure if I will. There will be other opportunities and I need to remember that – so thank you.

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