30 Day Arm Challenge – Are You Up For It ?

Last month I shared Jodi Higgs Abs Challenge and it seemed to be a big hit. Did you give it a go? It looked really hard. I’ll be honest, I gave up and kept to my Ripped in 30 “Get Fit” challenge that I am working on. I found that Ripped in 30 had lots of ab work in the level 2 and on the first few days of this challenge it was just too much to do both together. Don’t get me wrong, I want to get fit, shed some of the last baby weight but I also don’t want to get injured.

Jodi has shared another challenge……this time it’s all ARMS!!!!

Jodi Higgs Arm Challenge

Arm Challenge By Jodi Higgs

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Are you going to try this?

What exercise will be the hardest for you?

Do you think you can make it the full 30 days?