30 Day Arm Challenge – Are You Up For It ?

Last month I shared Jodi Higgs Abs Challenge and it seemed to be a big hit. Did you give it a go? It looked really hard. I’ll be honest, I gave up and kept to my Ripped in 30 “Get Fit” challenge that I am working on. I found that Ripped in 30 had lots of ab work in the level 2 and on the first few days of this challenge it was just too much to do both together. Don’t get me wrong, I want to get fit, shed some of the last baby weight but I also don’t want to get injured.

Jodi has shared another challenge……this time it’s all ARMS!!!!

Jodi Higgs Arm Challenge

Arm Challenge By Jodi Higgs

You can follow Jodi Higgs on Facebook here. Just look next to the friend request for “follow”.

Are you going to try this?

What exercise will be the hardest for you?

Do you think you can make it the full 30 days?


19 thoughts on “30 Day Arm Challenge – Are You Up For It ?

  1. Today is day 3 of the challenge. I have zero upper body strength. So far so good, but I have a feeling it is going to get a lot harder very quickly!

  2. I’ve challenged my hubs to do this with me beginning tomorrow (June 1). I do hope we can make it the full 30-day period. We want to begin training for a half marathon walk in October, so this will be a test of our commitment! 🙂

    • It’s always great to have a partner in crime, that way you can’t back out and hopefully you can motivate each other to keep it up. Walking a half marathon – good for you guys.

  3. Im in the middle of the ab challenge but Im going to add in the arms starting today!! My sister and I are doing it together. For abs I modified to sit ups on the ball to support my back. It hasn’t been easy but we are rocking it! Ready for tank top sexy arms! Thanks for the guide.

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