Emotions of a Workout

Last night I had planned on doing Ripped in 30 Level 3 again but have to admit I really, REALLY wasn’t looking forward to it after my first attempt. I’ve also been battling this head cold that is just lingering and think I ate something that didn’t agree with me. I’ve felt pretty lethargic and lazy, even though I’ve been trying to eat normal and drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated. We’re not getting lots of sleep these days with Hilary up for 2 hours to play in the middle of the night, so I know that isn’t helping me recover from this cold.

After watching “Rookie Blue” I had planned on working out. {Side note: my cousin’s band – The MEDS (from Prince Edward Island) had two of their songs on Rookie Blue last night – check it out here. Very excited for them! You can hear their songs here}

Anyway, I put on my workout shorts before the show so that I couldn’t back out. Once it was over I change my top and put my sneakers on…..then my emotions changed.

I actually felt hatred towards working out. I simply didn’t want to workout anymore. I was wanting to head off to bed.

BUT, I didn’t. I put the DVD in and hit play….level 3 please and thank you. (Yeah, right).

“I hated the thought of working out” – that was weird since I’ve been loving it so much lately.

I slowly got into…literally. I did the warm up but not with any enthusiasm.

Round 1 was okay.

Round 2 I was royally pissed off because it was hard. Why was it so hard I kept thinking. Then after a little pity party I figured it was only my second time at level 3 and I should lighten up.

Round 3 came fast and I was finally feeling good about the workout. Almost happy.

All of a sudden it was time to cool down and stretch and I felt ….. GREAT! Just like that, I had gone from hating the workout to loving it and thankful I put in the 20 minutes (yeah, I know only 20 minutes but it was a hard intense 20 minute workout).

Afterwards I thought about how I felt during the workout and how doing it changed my state of mind, how I was feeling about myself and gave me the light towards the end of the tunnel I needed.

So, why did I write this………? Because there will be days when I (you) don’t want to workout and could easily give up but pushing through it when you really don’t want to can make you feel so much better. I’ve committed to working out, getting fit, losing the last of the baby weight (6 months postpartum) and I can only blame myself if I don’t workout.

It’s Apple Blossom weekend here in the Valley; lots of parades, concerts and fun events to attend with the kiddies…..plus we have our first “3 year’s” birthday party of many.

Have a great weekend,


The MEDS Website.


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