Operation “Get Fit” Week 5 Workouts 5/26/13 – 6/1/13

Last week’s workouts; week 5 in Operation “Get Fit”:

Sunday 26th – Ripped in 30 Level 2

  • I was feeling pretty good after my workout, especially after taking two days rest because of this nasty head cold that I have. I am starting to get bored of level 2.

Monday 27th – Ripped in 30 Level 2

  • It’s official, I am bored and not interested in level 2 anymore …. during the whole workout I was thinking I should move up a level. Yikes!

Tuesday 28th Ripped in 30 Level 3!

  • I decided it was time to move up to level 3 and was dreading it for a few days. I’ve planned on doing each level for 2 weeks (not every day but most days of the week plus running or another workout).
  • I didn’t feel like I had two left feet when I went from level 1 to 2 – so that was good
  • BUT, I felt like I was completely out of shape! This level was by far the hardest for me and I was already not looking forward to level 4.
  • So glad I did it.

Wednesday 29th – Unplanned rest day

  • Was still feeling super sick and my body was worn down. I rested in the evening instead of working out…and by rested I did the dishes, swept the floor, folded laundry and started planning for Lilly’s 3rd birthday party.
  • Ah well, you win some you lose some.

Thursday – Ripped in 30 Level 3

  • I have to admit, I was pretty pissed off at the beginning of the workout – something I haven’t felt in a long long time! I didn’t want to do it – simple. I wasn’t in love with the thought of working out let alone the exercises I had to do.
  • I had quite a few emotions during that workout and by the end I was happy and pumped that I got through the workout feeling so much better. It’s amazing what a workout can do for your mind, body and soul.

Friday – another unplanned night off

  • Just wasn’t feeling it tonight. I had been on my own with the girls as my husband had been on a fire call for about 9 hours – crazy nasty fire. The girls and I had a great night, bed time was awesome but it took me a long time to clean up dinner, dishes, toys etc. I was just spent by the time 9 pm hit so I went to bed.

Saturday – Ripped in 30 Level 3 

  • It was super hot today: 32 C plus humidity. My parents came to visit after having an amazing trip in Scotland and Sai had another fire call that night. I was supposed to go over to a friend’s house with the group of women I am running the Mud Hero with in July but after our busy and scattered evening I couldn’t pull it together to go.
  • So, I worked out instead.  Crazy – YES. But I had miss a few days this week and felt like I needed to get it in. Plus our basement was the coolest spot in the house to be.
  • It was an awesome workout but during the last “abs’ section I almost lost my dinner. That was a terrible feeling.

It’s funny, all week I thought I wasn’t getting enough workouts in and after reading each day again I realised that I managed to workout 5 days this week. Not too shabby! Week 6 has started and it’s hard to believe we are getting so close to being finished this “operation”. I am already planning my next round of workouts – not an “operation” but more of a commitment to myself to be active 4-5 days a week; more running and looking at 5k’s / 10k’s for the fall!

If you missed the first four weeks, you can find them here:

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