Operation “Get Fit” Week 6 Workouts 6/2/13 – 6/8/13

The weeks are flying by and I can’t believe that I have started week 7 of this Get Fit Challenge already. This is what I was up to last week:

Sunday – rest day

  • Really, I was just feeling super lazy. C’est la vie!

Monday – Ripped in 30 Level 3

  • Had a great workout and then registered for the Halifax Run or Dye event in September at Ski Martock! Woot woot! I can’t wait for this.

Tuesday – Ripped in 30 Level 3

  • At the beginning of the workout I was toying with the idea of moving up to level 4 this week. However, by the end of the workout my thoughts said for me to stay put.
  • I’m feeling stronger but kinda wish I was losing a little more weight at this point. I’ve also been thinking about doing longer workouts….we’ll see.

Wednesday – National Running Day!

  • Ran 2.6 km in 17 minutes. It was the most perfect evening for a run, a light cool wind whirling around with the sun ever so warm. I did my normal route that I haven’t done in a few weeks and my legs felt like dead weights. It was a weird feeling but I pushed through it and felt great afterwards. So great that I did………
  • Ripped in 30 Level 3. It was hard at the beginning on my thighs but I managed to get through it and was at the end before I knew it. After this workout I did a little extra stretching and made the mistake of taking a peek of level 4. I was thinking of moving up soon…we’ll see how soon that is.
  • Tomorrow is a rest day for me – ha, after this workout I know my body will need it.

Thursday – Rest Day.

  • Even though this was a much-needed rest day, I felt guilty that I wasn’t working out. Weird, eh?

Friday – Ripped in 30 Level 3 

  • Wasn’t really into working but I did it anyway.
  • I found myself yawning during the middle of the workout – not sure if that’s because I was bored with the level or because I was extremely tired. Hilary’s not giving us many hours of sleep at night.
  • I felt happy I did the workout but it wasn’t anything awesome.

Saturday – Ripped in 30 Level 4 

  • Time to move on. I moved up to Level 4 and it was great. I found it was the easiest one to move up to compared to the other levels. It was easy by any means but it wasn’t as hard as I was expecting.


  • I am feeling good about my progress…….drum roll………I can now zip up the bridesmaid dress all the way! I’ll post some before/after pictures soon. I put the dress on the other day for my mom and her friend and managed to zip it all the way. I was rather surprised and excited! Go me!
  • Starting to question why I wanted to do each workout over 2 weeks instead of one. I may only do one more week of level 4 and move on to something else in my DVD workout collection.

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