Operation Get Fit Week 7 Workouts 6/9/13 – 15/9/13

Week 7 all done! It was a good week but ended with few workouts….the party life of a three-year old got in the way. It’s all good. Sometimes you just need to slow down and realise you can’t do it all. We had an awesome weekend even with my husband away; Lilly turned 3, had a birthday party for her, went to the zoo on father’s day (without Sai) and had a picnic. Week 8 began last night and I didn’t work out….my body was just too exhausted from the weekend festivities. Can’t wait to wear my dress next week at my friend’s wedding!

Don't forget to Hydrate!

Don’t forget to Hydrate!

Sunday 9th- Ripped in 30 Level 4

  • Second day at doing Level 4 and was really happy I moved on. I think this is my favourite workout of all four levels.

Monday 10th – Rest day

  • I was on my own all week with both girls and knowing that I decided to take Monday as my rest day and focus on getting them on a routine. We had a good night, slept okay and snuggled together in the morning for an hour….who cares if we were late for day care on Tuesday ūüôā

Tuesday 11th – Ripped in 30 Level 4 & Walking

  • I took Maclean and Hilary out for an afternoon walk (2o minutes) and we got caught in a little rain shower.
  • Ripped in 30 Level 4 after both girls were in bed. I was at the third rotation before I knew it. Again, I’m really enjoying level 4.
  • Trying to figure out what I’ll do next provided that I might only have 20-30 minutes at night to workout.

Wednesday 12th :  Ripped in 30 Level 4

  • Again, I did level 4 and was starting to feel stronger. The only “move” I haven’t been able to do is the scissor jumping jacks. When I was pregnant with Hilary my pelvis was separating and causing excruciating pain; I went to physio and got taped up and then had to wear a brace. Six months later you’d think I would be recovered – nope! Na da. So, instead of scissor jacks I did normal jumping jacks for that cardio session all week.

Thursday 13th -Ripped in level 4 during & Walking

  • Oh baby Hilary – thank you! You slept while Mommy worked out AND showered, you even let me dry my hair before you woke up to cuddle with me. Thank you.
  • And we walked Maclean for 25 minutes later in the afternoon.

Friday 14th – Lillian’s 3rd birthday

  • a.k.a. rest day

Saturday 15th 

  • After surviving Lilly’s birthday party I thought I would use my time at night to clean up with my Mom *thank you mom for your help*, visit with her and go to bed early.

Even though I was on my own with both girls all week I am happy with the amount of workouts I managed to get in. Not what I normally would do but it was a long, hard week and to top it off I had to prepare for a birthday party, host it and then get through the weekend.

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What are your favourite workouts to do at home?

How do you manage your workouts each week? (Stay the same or switch it up?)

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