A child’s influence

You know the saying “Like Mother, Like Daughter” ? Well, yesterday it was the other way around. ¬†For the last week, Hilary and I have been taking Lilly to daycare in the mornings. Some days we are lucky to get out the door at 8:10 am but most days it’s more like 8:30 am. Each morning Lilly tell’s me what vehicles she see’s as we are driving the less-than 4 minutes to our sitter’s.

Nee – naw truck Mommy! (Fire truck, police car, ambulance)

Trash Truck: say that 5 times fast and you can picture her saying it once! I love it!

Car’s Mommy, lot’s of cars e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e.

But my all time favourite is “Mommy, SCHOOL BUS”! SCHOOL BUS. Hilary and I will go on a SCHOOL BUS when she is bigger, right Mommy?”. Yes honey you will, I reply.



Yesterday was no different. One SCHOOL BUS, two SCHOOL BUS. Wow Mommy, two school buses! Cool Lilly, I reply.

We dropped Lilly off at the sitters and kept going to Hilary’s appointment in one of the most beautiful spots in Nova Scotia: Kingsport. If I didn’t have other things to do, I could have spent the whole day out there.


On the way there I saw not one but two school buses. Can you guess what I did????????

I saw the school bus and yelled SCHOOL BUS with great enthusiasm¬†of a 3-year-old! Yup, not once but twice and then I had a good laugh at my self. Poor Hilary was a little confused as to why I was yelling out “SCHOOL BUS”.

You never know how your own child can influence the things you do.

Bet you’ll either yell or think “SCHOOL BUS” the next time you see one. Wait and see!

What has your child/children done to influence you?

Have you ever caught yourself off guard at the expense of your offspring and had a good laugh? Do share….