LAST Operation “Get Fit” Week 8 Workouts 16/6/13 – 22/6/13

This is what my last week of Operation Get Fit looked like:

Sun – Rest Day

  • No major workout but I did walk around the Zoo with some cuties.
Funny, how they both look a little grumpy! We had an awesome day.

Funny, how they both look a little grumpy! We had an awesome day.

Monday – Walked 30 & Ripped in 30 Level 4

  • If you follow me on Facebook you would have seen this: Not really feeling motivated to workout tonight, good thing I have my gear on already. #noexcuses #sweatpink Off to workout.


  • And then this: Happy I pushed through that workout, the sweat is a drippin’#workinghard #feelinggreat Did you workout today?


  • Clearly working out is good for me; puts me in a better mood and I always feel great afterwards.

Tuesday – Ripped in 30 Level 4

  • Good workout but ready to be done and move onto something else.

Wednesday – Walking 40 minutes

  • Hilary and I went for a walk for 40 minutes – beautiful day to be outside.

Thursday – “Main Event” by Brad Gouthro Live Lean Workout (30 minutes)

  • Talk about an intense workout! This is what I wrote on Facebook after I finished it: Feeling like I am getting in shape; all these workouts are paying off. Done Ripped in 30. Did #liveleanmeltdown Brad Gouthro Fitness (main event) tonight. So much better than my first attempt 2 months ago. #feelinggreat #hardworkpaysoff
  • I did this workout about two months ago and was dying after the workout…actually I was dying during the workout. This time around it was a lot easier…not to be confused with it being easy because it wasn’t, but it was easier and I felt stronger and I have improved my fitness over the last eight weeks.

Friday – Nothing!

  • Lilly was home from Day Care so we had a busy day with both girls.

Saturday – Nothing!

  • Really, I should say I did nothing.  We went to a birthday party mid day…a pirate birthday party for Lilly’s best friend. Then I spent any free moment I had packing for the wedding. I had to pack for all of us, well, my husband took care of himself.
  • We also stopped our TV connection today! WHAT????? Your probably thinking, why would you do that? Well, we rarely use it and thought the $50 could be spent somewhere else…or saved. My husband and I sat outside on our deck to watch the “Super Moon” in its glory. It was so bright and we solved 95% of the worlds problems by talking for 2 hours! No wonder why I didn’t have time to work out!
Rrrrrrrrrr! Pirate Lilly!

Rrrrrrrrrr! Pirate Lilly!

Not the best week’s of workouts but I had a lot going on especially with my husband away for 10 days, I feel like I got as many workouts in as I could.

You are probably wondering (if you’ve been following my last 8 weeks) if I fit into the dress. Well…’ll just have to wait for the “revealing post” coming up in a few days.  Common’, a girl’s gotta keep you hanging…just this once!

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