Another challenge: 30 Days of Cardio

Another month is ending and we get to ring in July starting with Canada Day! (At least for us Canadians).  I’ve shared Jodi Higgs 30 Day Abs Challenge and 30 Day Arms Challenge, so I thought I would share her next challenge.

30 Day Cardio Challenge.

You can follow/subscribe to follow her on Facebook here for tips and motivation.

Jodi Higgs 30 Day Cardio Challenge

Jodi Higgs 30 Day Cardio Challenge

Jumping Jacks, Mountain Climbers, Jump Rope and Skaters!

Please note: I did not create any of these workouts but am sharing them on this blog. Piper’s Run is about trying to balance it all and for me working out at home is how I balance my family, work and staying/getting in shape. You may want to consult a certified fitness trainer and/or Doctor before taking on a new physical activity/challenge. 

Are you up for this one?

Start this on July 1st – Canada Day!

Canada Flag

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