An in-home workout & Canada Day!

The other day I was putting off working out…well, I’ve been putting it off for a few days because we were traveling with both girls for the wedding. Getting both girls back on their normal routine has been a fun challenge. Maybe I am making excuses but at the end of the day all I could do was make sure the house was somewhat tidy and relax/go to bed early. I was exhausted too.

While wasting time on Facebook I came across a workout from Bess. I’ve been following her blog, Bess Be Fit for over a year and love the workout’s she posts. However, I’ve yet to try one until this was posted. I like that I can so this while the girls sleep and IN my home, which is key for me lately. Plus NO equipment is needed….just your hot bod!

Give it a go. It kicked me in the ass, but I’ll do it again and again because it’s a good one!


Happy Workout!

Tomorrow is Canada Day, woop woop! I love celebrating Canada Day with my little family. In previous years, we gone to a local community event where my husband used to work a few years ago. They have music playing (bands), a magic show, a massive slip and slide and bouncy castles which Lilly can play on this year!!! Sure hoping we can make it again!


What’s your favourite blog ? (besides mine, of course!)

What are your Canada Day plans?

(Or those in the US, July 4th plans?)

2 thoughts on “An in-home workout & Canada Day!

  1. That is a crazy workout! However, I will have to give it a try. I love in-home bodyweight stuff. My fav blog has to be my own of course,, and I’m really looking forward to this July 4th because it is on a thursday. I’m getting friday off from work so it makes my first 4 day weekend since last August! So in need of a little vacation.

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