What I Ate Wednesday: The Good, Bad and Yummy. #wiaw

Some days we eat really good and some days we eat really bad….and that’s my life.

I do my best to make healthy meals for my family but sometimes I fail …. and I’m okay with that. I’m not perfect.

After looking through two of our camera’s, I realised I never take pictures of our “bad food days”. This could be anything from grilled cheese sandwich (which I love) to chicken fingers and fries…sometimes sweet potato fries if I’m on top of things and for me LOTS of chocolate. (Plus other foods I can’t think of right now). For more info on What I Ate Wednesday check out Jenn’s blog here, she’s the mastermind behind all this great stuff.

The Good / Bad / Yummy: 

First time eating a biscuit – not a lover but that’s cool.

Farley's Banana Biscuits (instant cereal)

Farley’s Banana Biscuits (instant cereal)

My weakness / my love:

Dark Chocolate Peppermint heaven!

Dark Chocolate Peppermint heaven!

We had birthday cake for a few days…yum.

A few days later at my parents place, I had DQ Ice Cream Cake. No photo because my brother had “Happy Birthday Paul” on it, instead of my name. Each year he pulls a different prank on me with my cake – not cool Paul, not cool.

Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake

Salmon, peas, carrots, parsnips and baked sweet potatoes.

I love Salmon!

I love Salmon!

Lilly’s dinner (same as mine) – she insists that I take a picture of hers too!

Lilly's meal

Lilly’s meal

Hilary’s dinner:

Carrots/Parsnips, Zucchini, Lean Ground Beef, Peas, Apricots.

Hilary's dinner

Hilary’s dinner

We tried Sprout Foods recently … and loved them (blog post to come).

Sprout Foods - Yum

Sprout Foods – Yum

I really like writing “What I Ate Wednesday” but half the time I forget to take a picture or I’ve taken so many I don’t know which one to use. I’m so glad I haven’t come across a blog that shares what their house looks like each week because my house is a disaster and I’m confident no one wants to read about that. Laundry here, dirty dishes in the sink, random crap here and there……..you get the picture…I don’t need to put up one for you.

Piper’s Run – a few WIAW posts:

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Ever have a day when you don’t feel like making a healthy meal?

What’s your go to quick meal?

What’s your food weakness/love?

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