It’s true, I take on too much.

Ever have one of those days when you feel you’ve taken on too much; you thought you could pull it all together; you thought you’ve done it before why can’t I do it again? Well, I’ve been having lots of those days….recently. And I keep tell myself I will slow down, I won’t commit to anything next month….I.WILL.RELAX. Ha! That hasn’t happened.

It doesn’t help that I only get 5-6 hours of sleep a night…oh and that’s not clumped all together. That’s 1.5 hours here, 2 hours there and maybe, just MAYBE if I am lucky 3 hours in a row. The girls have me up lots 😦  With my husband working in another Province now, I am on my own with both girls for most of the week. Granted, Lilly goes to Day Care 3-4 days of the week but those other 3-4 days of the week are by far the hardest for me. I’m totally fine being with both, cooking meals and bed time. It’s the 3-year-old tantrums and constant not listening to me that’s challenging.

During all of this over the last few months I’ve been balanced being a mom, wife, bridesmaid; had Lilly’s birthday party; attended 3 birthday parties for Lilly’s friends; traveled to my parents an hour away just for the day and over night; participated in the Mud Hero Run, hit up the Zoo once; driven Lilly to Day Care and picked her up almost every day – all with poor Hilary in tow. I’ve  tried to blog and contribute to TOTS Family Blog once a month. Thanks goodness my parents and sister love taking care of our dog for long periods of time.

I’ve tried really hard to workout 4-5 days of the week until two weeks ago when I just had to cut something out to “get by”. Clearly but cutting out my workouts/running, it has taken a tole on me physically and mentally. Bad decision Anna, bad decision, I need that shit in my life!

And that’s why I signed up for the Mud Hero (July) and Run or Dye (Sept) because I need an outlet and I need to be active. Leading up to these events I get stressed out and think WHY? WHY, did I do this again? Why am I dragging my kids around so I can be active. Thank GAWD I have some amazing family and friends who help me out and a husband who encourages me to get out for a run when he is home.

Then an awesome email came into my inbox on my birthday! I had won two entries to the Run for Women run in Halifax on August 10th, yeah, pretty awesome birthday score! I knew right away that I wanted to be apart of it but my heart was also telling me to slow down and think about it. Can I really pull off a 5k or 10k at 8:30am in the morning with both girls in tow (babysitter needed) and all while traveling to Halifax???

I registered anyway with a good friend of mine I don’t see very often (double bonus). I’ve have mixed emotions about this run and feeling like I’m taking on too much and then I think I’ll rest later this month! WHO AM I KIDDING? I won’t.

Running with Hilary early Spring '13.

Running with Hilary early Spring ’13.

I want both my girls to come to this event. Even though Hilary will only be 8 months old and Lilly 3-years-old – I want them to see this event, I want them to see me run, I want them to see all the other women and girls running. I want to be a role model for them and that overpowers the feelings of “I take on too much”. Some day, I want to run with my daughters (maybe I’ll even start a mother-daughter run with my job when I return….). I want to watch them run….I want to see their faces when they’ve crossed the finish line and realize that they accomplished something awesome.

I’ll rest next month………….. 🙂

Do you take on too much?

What do you “give up” first when things are too busy or stressful?

What do you turn to when things are too busy or stressful?