What I REALLY Ate on Wednesday

I’ve never actually manage to photograph everything I eat on a Wednesday. It’s true! Usually I can pull off lunch, a snack and if I am lucky dinner too. When I posted last weeks’ WIAW, I thought I should keep the camera handy and take a picture of EVERYTHING I eat….yup, everything. So here you go………..

What I REALLY Ate last Wednesday:

What I've been eating....

What I’ve been eating….

Kellogg’s Muslix with lactose free skim milk and a banana.

(I have to admit I won’t be buying this cereal again, thumbs down)

Wednesday is Farmer’s Market Day: Local blueberries and spring rolls – yum.

It’s hard to pass up going to the Market especially when you get to hang out with friends and their babies.

CHEESE! Smile for the camera:

Love cheese

Love cheese

A friend of mine introduced me to Balderson 5 Year Canadian Heritage Cheddar from Costco. *drooling mouth*

Which then turned into eating it with crackers and cheese bread (not as good) for lunch.

And I ate a plum:

Mine and Lilly’s new favourite snack.

New favourite snack.

New favourite snack.

And then some “smoked” almonds:



Then it was supper time:

Roasted peppers with garlic olive oil, pork strips mixed with pasta.

Hilary eating her “rusk” mid bite.

And of course, Lilly’s photo contribution with a little cheese over top!

Look at that cutie!

Look at that cutie!

And I may have eaten a few of these:

…. my weakness…..

Dark Chocolate Peppermint heaven!

Dark Chocolate Peppermint heaven!

That is EVERYTHING I ate last Wednesday.

Oh, and water…water and more water at each meal and in between.

This breastfeeding mama’s gotta keep hydrated.

Don't forget to Hydrate!

Don’t forget to Hydrate!

What did you eat today or yesterday?

Ever photographed everything you ate….I mean everything?


Do you keep a food journal?

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