Farmer’s Market & WIAW

We hit up the Farmer’s Market today…such a perfect day to be outside AND we just got back from PEI to an empty fridge. It wasn’t a hard choice to get some of our fruit and veggies at the Market and then a few extras we needed from the grocery store.

Kentville’s (Nova Scotia) outdoor Farmer’s Market:

Kentville Farmer's Market - at a glance.

Kentville Farmer’s Market – at a glance.

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With both girls home (Lilly’s on vacation) we packed up and went together:

The girls at the market.

The girls at the market.

What we bought:

Peaches, Tomatoes, Blueberries, Yellow & Green Beans, 2 Spring Rolls 🙂

Yum! Local food!

Yum! Local food!

Another great week at the market.

Lilly taste testing the peaches.

Lilly taste testing the peaches.

What I bought and ate last Wednesday:

Pesto beef pasta with local garlic and cheese ($7.50)

If I could, I would buy this every week.

Amazing pasta - from the Pasta Guy!

Amazing pasta – from the Pasta Guy!


Do you go to your local Farmer’s Market each week/month?

We do almost every week!

Any foods you MUST buy each week?

Blueberries at the moment.

What’s your favourite in-season food right now?

Blueberries and Corn on the Cob!

Cheers, Piper.