Monkey Update: 8 … yup! 8 months already!

Hilary has been a busy little girl this last month and keeping us on our toes. It feels really weird to have an 8 month old again. She’s growing too fast and such a joy in our lives.

Come on Mom, I'm ready to go!

Come on Mom, I’m ready to go!


  • Feeding herself.
  • Sitting up and playing with books.
  • “Dancing” in her highchair (moves back and forth).
  • Being tickled.
  • Seeing Daddy after 4-6 days of him being away – her face lights up, smiles and laughs every time!!!! Nice welcome home for Daddy!
  • Watching cars go by – she laughs at them.
  • More comfortable with her Grandparents, Aunts and Uncle (here) and skype with Nan.


  • Cold water: pools, beaches and lakes (dammit).
  • Having toys/books taken from her.
  • New people (had a family gathering a few weeks back and she wasn’t too happy about it).

New Happenings:

  • Saying “mumm-ma” and “oh – wwwaahhhhhh”.
  • Putting her feet in her mouth.
  • If we ask her where is Lilly, Daddy or Maclean are and then she will turn and look at them!
  • Responding to her name being called.
  • Feeding herself peas.
  • New food: yellow beans, blueberries, apricots, potatoes, parsnips, watermelon, kamut puffs.
So focused on her peas.

So focused on her peas.

We’re moving on:

  • From pureed food to eating small pieces of food by herself (peas, bananas, watermelon, and kamut puffs)
Hilary Elise - 8 months old

Hilary Elise – 8 months old

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Until next month!