That 5k creeped up on me

One month ago I turned 33 and won two entries to the Run for Women/Shoppers Drug Mart Run in Halifax. I know, lucky me – $70 registration fee waived! Since I haven’t been running….well, really…since I haven’t been working out for many reasons over the last month, I decided the 5k was manageable.

My friend Meredith who I ran my first ever 10k race with way back in the day (and rain)  agreed to do the 5k with me. Meredith always makes a great effort to visit me and my family when she’s in town. It’s been a long time since I’ve spent any real time with just her, so I’m pretty excited to be running with Meredith…potentially in the rain again 🙂

When I registered for the run all I could think of is “What am I getting myself into” and “Can I drag my girls along with me”? Since my husband is away working days and nights as a Paramedic, I am trying not to commit to too much but this was a great opportunity I just couldn’t pass up.

So, I write this on the eve before my run tomorrow morning. Up at 6 am for me to get prepared which includes: nursing Hilary, breakfast for me and the girls, getting them dressed and ready for potential rainy weather and then pack the car and leave by 7:30 am. Meredith has my kit (bib, timing chip etc) and we are meeting for 8 am then a warm up at 8:20 and we start at 8:45. Good thing my sister (Laura) and Dad are able to come with us to watch the girls.

I’m also excited to learn more about the fundraising efforts which will be given to the IWK Hospital for their mental health programs. There is a 1k run for girls so I am hoping Lilly is excited to see young girls running. She already told me she wants to go for a run after I finish my face…i’ll take it as my cool down 🙂

The run is what it is. I’m not aiming for a certain time but I think I’ll be somewhere around 35 minutes – which I’m fine with right now. I’m really hoping this run will help kick-start me back into a regular running schedule and maybe…just maybe train for either a sub 29 minute 5k or 10k in 60 minutes.

Since it might rain tomorrow I had to come prepared for the rain but also the heat (just in case).

What to wear?

Option #1: Short shorts, tank and PRO Compression Socks (no rain)

Option #1

Option #1

Option #2: Capri running pants, long t-shirt (black tank not shown), Teko socks. (Rain)


Here’s to hoping for little to no rain, a fun 5k and my girls behave for their Aunt and Grandfather.

Are you running this weekend?

How many running outfits do you pack…just in case?

What’s your favourite time of day to run a race?

Stay tuned for a race recap in a few days!

Enjoy your weekend.