Calling all Toddlers: Sprout Food Review

I’m very behind it putting this post together but it’s better late than never, right?

Back in July…okay, maybe more like June (28th) I received a box in the mail from Sprout Foods! When I opened it up, all I could think about was how I was going to hide them from Lilly and keep them for myself…..kidding. Well, kind of.

I knew that I could find some great taste testers who wouldn’t turn away from these treats. We got together with Lilly’s best friends since birth! Yeah, they are three years old and have been hanging out since they were born – we are so lucky. With approval from their mom’s (my friends) I dished out the samples we had.

Fruity Yogurt Bites:

  • Orange Carrot Yogurt
  • Raspberry Yogurt

Fruit & Veggies Crispy Chews:

  • Tropical Fruit & Pumpkin
  • Red Raspberry and Beet
  • Orange Fruit & Carrot

Don’t those sound delicious? It was hard to only taste a few 🙂

Little taste testers - Sprout Foods

Little taste testers – Sprout Foods

There first noises were: yum and then mmmmmmmmmmmm! These are yummy! The gobbled them up and were looking for more before I could even open the next package. One mentioned they were a little hard to chew but agreed that she wanted more and liked them.

In the end, I ate a few of each to taste them and see what all the fuss was about. The flavour was very powerful in all of them and quite a refreshing taste as a new treat.

Would I buy these? Yes. It would be awesome if I could get them in a local store. You know, in Nova Scotia, Canada…hint hint Sprout Foods 🙂 I was amazed at how much product was in a little pouch. We kept a package for home and Lilly only wanted half. They are great for sharing with a friend or sibling!

I’d love to try the baby food…well, let me rephrase that. I would like Hilary to try the baby food as the combinations look really tasty: sweet potato and white beans, cherry quinoa cobbler with corn and ginger chicken! Oh my taste buds are hurting. Oh right, I mean, Hilary’s taste buds would be if she was reading this.

Sprout Foods has some great products including organic baby food, squeeze pouches (amazing for traveling),  and toddler meals, purees and snacks. You can find more information on their products at their website and their social media sites too.

Where to buy: looks like for us Canadians the best place is to go to Sprout Foods’ website and purchase them online via one of the stores that carries their product line: Walgreens, ToysRUs, or Amazon.

Thanks Sprout Foods for providing Piper’s Run with samples to test out. Please note: I was not paid to do this review. These opinions are simple mine shared on this blog.



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