WIAW: My Eats and What I am NOT eating anymore.

Lately I’ve been making a lot more meat meals; fish, chicken and even some pork since my husband is away so much. Not many vegan meals going on these days….it’s kinda nice for a change!

Breakfast for me: Simply Orange Juice, Banana and Egg/Cheese on English muffin.

(bad cheese I know but oh so good every once in a while).


A little trip to good old Costco got us $50 worth of cheese!!! The 5 year cheddar is mine, the middle parmesan is for my neighbour and the 2 year cheddar on the right is for my Aunt/Uncle we are visiting soon.

Did you really think me, my 3-year-old and my vegan husband was going to eat all of this! ūüėČ

Who eats (needs) this much CHEESE???????


Lunch: The most random lunch I have every made!

Cherries, strawberries and blueberries from our local farmer’s markets.

Left over (cold) BBQ’d porkchops.

Pizza bread.

Avocado….missing in this photo is a hard boiled egg I ate with the avocado.

WHAT was I thinking?

Well, I shared the avocado with baby H, I couldn’t get enough berries into me and I wanted to empty the fridge of leftovers.


Supper: Russian Chicken over rice……..YUM!


That was a lot of random foods in the last week!

The decision to stop eating certain foods: Pop & Milk

About a month ago I decided to stop drinking pop (mainly Coca-cola) ¬†after reading an article online. I’ve read all that information before about Coke and how terrible it is for you but I would just limit myself to “only when I eat out with work” and “don’t bring it in the house”. And then it turned into “I’ll just buy these mini-cans because I can’t drink a full can anymore”. I even stored them in a place that I don’t look that often and only had 1-2 in the fridge if I remembered. Who drinks warm pop? Yuck! It would force me to plan ahead if I wanted one, and I was okay with that.

mini coke

It had been a few weeks since I had a Coke and I thought it would be good to just have one more before saying¬†Goodbye!¬†I went grocery shopping and decided I would buy that one “last” bottle of Coke to drink at dinner that night. As I walked by numerous stands filled with pop I kept saying I’ll get it at the end. I got home and realised I forgot to by the Coke. I was really looking forward to one last hurrah but it didn’t happen. It’s been over a month since I’ve had a pop. Even though I’ve had two occasions that I really, REALLY wanted a pop…I didn’t cave in and go buy it. Yeah, me!

I’ve also decided to stop drinking milk! ¬†When I was 17, I was getting really really sick from foods I was eating but couldn’t figure it out. I ended up in the hospital twice because I was so sick – yuck. I had allergy tests done and then a lactose intolerant test done too! Sure enough, dairy was the problem. I gave up all dairy except yogurt for about 7 years and then starting drinking lactose free milk and taking lactose pills if I had ice cream or cream cheese. Recently I’ve been having some stomach problems and decided that cutting milk out of my diet couldn’t hurt me. I rarely have ice cream so I’m cool with taking a pill for that. It’s the 5 year block of cheddar cheese that I’m going to have a HARD time giving up. We’ll see if that happens. So, for now I’m drinking coconut milk that my husband drinks.

What have you been eating lately?

Have you EVER spent $50 on cheese? JUST cheese?

Do you drink milk or something else?