Run or Dye 5K Race Recap

Running in tutu’s has to be one of the best ideas ever! That’s what I did this past weekend with my sister-in-law and some friends….covered in coloured dye and running/walking up down cross-country ski trails. Let me tell you all about it….

After being up three times with Hilary Friday night, I got up at 6 am, prepped for the run, ate some breakfast, got on Facebook and then hit the road in +3 degrees. Brrrrr.

Lots of fog!

Lots of fog!

The drive to Ski Martock usually takes about 40 minutes but I guess I was so pumped about the run I got there in 30. When your driving to a run make sure you have some good tunes to listen too. I sure did but they were from 2005!!! Apparently, I rock out to kids tunes way more than I do my own – gotta work on that one.

After meeting my group of friends we loaded on a school bus (we felt like kids again) and off to the hill we went. Dressed in white t-shirts, white tutu’s, and colourful socks….We.Were.Ready.  Since we had our race kits we were able to head right down to the start area and party it up…and that we did.

run or dye 2

Team tutu

There was lots of dancing, cheering and colour in the air.  They let 500 people “run” every five minutes starting at 9am and we were the third set to go.

Team tutu

Before the Dye

Nothing like a little dance party to get you pumped for a 5k run 🙂 It was a lot of fun at the start area, lots of hype and energy.

After Dye

And then we were off…it was slow going as we were at the back of the 500 pack but we slowly worked our way through people that were walking. The route was on the cross-country ski trails at Ski Martock – so very hilly, muddy and random hay in places that were really muddy. We had to walk down some hills as it was really slippery and wanted to avoid falling on our butts.

run or dye 4

After going through the orange dye station and at the end of the 5k 3k run.

We hit all the dye stations and got to the end and realised that it was over before we knew it. It wasn’t quiet a 5k but closer to 3k. I was a little disappointed as I had it in my head we were running the distance of 5k. Maybe they changed the course because some of the trails were too muddy and not safe or they compensated the distance because it was SO hilly…I dunno. It was still a lot of fun.

run or dye 5

After our run we hit up the dance party/dye bubble, grabbed some water, saw a few people and got the bus back to our car around 10:30 am. There were still people waiting to leave the parking area for the run when we arrived back at our car. We later found out traffic was backed up on a number of roads and the main highway as 7,000+ people were attending the event! Well done Nova Scotia…way to represent!

This was such a fun, easy, and laid-back event and I would do it again in a heart beat. We are already planning our outfits for next year.

Driving home I was a little embarrassed as I passed cars since I still had the dye all over my head and face. I passed one car and looked over, she had it on her face too. I felt better 🙂

The girls were really happy to see me and I quickly grabbed a shower so I could play with them again. It’s been two days since the run and I still have patches of dye on my skin!

PS – Thanks Mom for babysitting the girls while I ran and Sai took his course – we couldn’t have done either without you. xo

Have you run in a Run or Dye/Colour Run?

What run have you done that has been your favourite?

Throwback Thursday: Soccer

Last night was the first time I played (indoor) soccer in 2 years! For a girl who grew up playing, coaching and traveling all over Nova Scotia for soccer, I still can’t believe that I took two years off. I still remember my last game of the summer season; the field, the players and that we lost.

Two years ago, I decided when Sai went back to school I would take the winter off also knowing we wanted to have another baby at some point. Well, that’s all done now, I signed up for the indoor season and played my first exhibition game last night.

How did it feel to be on the turf again? Thumbs Up, FANTASTIC ! …. as Lilly say’s.

I was actually so nervous that I had butterflies in my stomach starting late in the afternoon! Seriously, who get’s butterflies at 33 years of age going to an exhibition soccer game? I hope it’s not just me.

Number 19 back in action 🙂


It was great to see the girls, meet a few new ones and realise my gear is still in good condition. It’s only a 60 minute game and I played 25 minutes in the first half and 20 in the second. Overall, I was pretty pleased with my fitness but man sprinting after the ball or someone on the other team sure got to me in the end. I didn’t feel too out of shape … guess my few runs and T25 is helping. Yeah for me!

Waking up this morning my knees and hips hurt but other than that I’m okay. I don’t think my body has fully recovered from having given birth 10 months ago. I had a few pains in my hips/pelvis, that I did during my pregnancy while I was playing last night. Let’s hope in time this goes away.

I’m hoping all the sprinting last night, a good T25 workout tonight and T25 stretching on Friday will get me ready for Run or Dye on Saturday. Yup, it’s white tutu wearing – paint the sky – run a 5k on cross-country ski trails time! Whoop Whoop!

This is me over 10 years ago!

Anna soccer  10 years ago

I remember this play like it was yesterday. I lobbed the ball in the air down the line and my friend Tracey (left to me in white) sprinted down, crossed the ball and scored!

It. Was. Beautiful!

But, I have no idea what I am doing with my hands.

I do this when I run for some reason; thumb tucked in and fingers pointing.

Did you take a few years off from your favourite sport?

How long did it take your body to return to normal after given birth?

Do you do weird things with your hands when you run?

WIAW: Mobile Food Trucks!

Have you ever seen Eat St ?

Oh man, it’s one of my favourite shows. Not only does it make me hungry for food but it makes me want to travel to these cities and eat their food!

A few weeks ago when Sai was home we went to our local Farmer’s Market with Hilary…don’t tell Lilly…she will LOSE it! Anyway, I’ve been eyeing the Orange Ukulele for months…okay, maybe even since last summer when I was pregnant with H. I never went because I thought who wants to eat a grilled cheese on a hot summer day? Well, I sure was missing out, that is, until a few weeks ago.

Orange Ukulele

Hilary’s just loving hanging with Daddy! What I ate (since they didn’t have anything vegan): Carrot ginger curry soup was amazing! Pulled-pork with Havarti Cheese (all local foods) on whole wheat bread (second photo from the right). And a pickle (Hilary didn’t like the pickle).orange ukulele food truck

I went twice; second time I got the Bacon and Cheddar Grilled Cheese )second photo from the left). It was delish and penny vegetable soup!

Other food’s I’ve been eating lately.

Random breakfast and lunches:

THE best cinnamon bun ever!

Egg & Avocado on multi grain bread.

Peanut butter and banana sandwich.

random food

Dinner One Night for Lilly, Hilary and I.

Salmon with dill, mashed potatoes, carrots, corn, peas and toasted rosemary bread!

1 meal three people

Amazing one meal for all three of us, this doesn’t happen often – yet!

Home made Pizza:

Left: BBQ chicken, spinach, red/yellow/orange peppers, mushrooms, cheese.

Right: {vegan} all the same but tofurky sausage instead of chicken and no cheese.

Well…the vegan one had a little cheese if you look closely. I accidentally put some one but managed to take most of it off in time!


Post T25 Workout Snack: 

Coconut Greek Yogurt, Raisin & almond granola with Blueberries.



Do you go to mobile food trucks for lunch?

What’s your favourite food truck?

What’s your favourite meal of the day?

We’ve been busy!

I’ve been a little MIA over the last week and here is why:

We went away for the weekend and had to prepare for leaving: getting ahead start on the laundry, a little peek-a-boo in Hilary’s new sleeping bag and crawling around on one need and one foot.

before trip 2013


Our first stop was at the NEW Target in Halifax with the girls, Second Cup Hot Chocolate (it’s getting cold), and some new runners for me and my big girl! We both have races coming up!!! YUP, Lilly’s running her first run in a few weeks!

Target 2013

Then the lovely wedding of my friend Sarah.

wedding 2013




We got home from a busy weekend and brought our dog Maclean home. She’s been vacationing in Halifax at the G’parents house.

Then this happened:

Maclean Sept 2013

Poor Maclean has had this growth on her nose for a long time and it grew really fast over the last few months.

We booked her in at the vets and off came the sore.

She hates her cone and can’t figure out why it’s stuck on her head.

Day 2 today and she’s figuring it out and starting eating today.

Who knew when your dog goes in for surgery you worry so much.

What have you been up to?

Have you been to any weddings this fall?

The Power of A Mommy Group

You know sometimes Mommy’s groups get a bad reputation of just being an excuse to get together, gossip and complain about their lives but it’s not always the case.

While at the park you see mom’s (and some Dad’s too) hanging out while their children run around, climbing on the playground equipment and you think “it’s a walk in the park for those parents”. Well, it’s not always the case. Sometimes it can take hours for a family to get their stuff together and get out the door to meet up with their friends and children. The stress of trying to arrive on time, juggling nap times, meals and oh – the potty too can make you want to stay home on your own turf because it’s just easier. And on top of that there are tantrums…I’m just going to leave it at that.

Best friends since birth!

Best friends since birth! (2.5 years old)

A Mommy group isn’t just a play date for kids. It’s more than that, it’s full of:

  • an opportunity to learn from other mom’s experiences (not to compare children)
  • a chance to leave the four walls of your house for a few hours a day and escape daily tasks that keep piling up because we don’t have enough time to “get to it”
  • it’s social …. no, not like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. It’s LIVE, IN-PERSON socialization and personal interaction
  • it’s laughter when you need it most
  • it’s refreshing, inspiring. and can sometimes include really good food.

When I was on maternity leave with our first daughter Lilly, we started a play group from our prenatal class. There was 4-6 women and babies that would get together weekly. We called it our “Monday Funday”….oh yeah! The weekend was over, our husbands were back to work and it was time for us to get together. We would rotate from house to house each week and would always have a pot luck lunch. These were some of our best meals of the week….I’m not kidding. And if you hosted, sometimes your husband was lucky enough to have a little taste of what we ate for lunch. There was also the “field trips” that we took to farmer’s markets, the zoo, the park, the beach and the cookhouse for lunch.

The babies were born within 6 weeks of one another and have grown up together for the last 3 years. Each June and July we have a birthday party almost every weekend. It’s a fun time of the year because the kids get so much play time together. I’m talking about the kids here….not the Moms. Okay, maybe I am talking about the Moms … and the Dad’s too.

This time around with Hilary who is 6 months old, we have a few mom’s and babies that we get together with. Sometimes a big group and sometimes just a few. The best part is that the babies are getting exposed to other babies and the mom’s are able to connect, get support and enjoy each other’s company for a few hours.

A Mommy group of friends is a powerful group. It’s supportive, encouraging and inspiring. I know there are days that I can count on my group of Mommies for support; whether that’s a play date, a meal dropped off, last-minute pick up arrangements at day care or a simple phone call.

Mom’s or Dad’s – do you go to a play group?

What’s the best thing about your playgroup?

The weekends over and I didn’t run

Going into this weekend I had planned on going for a 5k run, sadly that did not happen. But a lot of other great stuff did!

First off we had a visit from my sister…. a.k.a. Auntie Laura. We played with every toy in our house, went for a walk to the playground watched Lilly run the length of the soccer field, and we both climbed on the playground equipment and had a lot of fun. My a$$ even fit into the kiddie slide so I didn’t get stuck 🙂 We had lots of laughs.

Playground Fun

Playground Fun

Then three young girls about 10-12 years old, showed up in their pajama’s. Note to self: never let daughters wear pajamas as everyday clothing unless it’s pajama day at school. I figured they went to the school attached to the playground since they were very familiar with the new upgrades to the previous broken equipment. As Lilly and I were playing I heard all of a sudden ….“This slide SUCKS”!

My first thought was “oh man I hope Lilly doesn’t say that and then won’t play on it”.

My second thought was “now I understand why my Mother didn’t like us saying the word “SUCK”.


As I mentioned, I wanted to go for a long run (5k for me these days) but chatting with my sister took over once the girls were asleep and time slipped away from me.  I was pretty bummed out Sunday when I realised I should have taken the opportunity to get out of the house for a run while I could (my husband’s been away a week). Oh well, you snooze you loose.


We also hit up a really cool craft fair called East Coast Momma Collective! It’s all Mama’s who make some pretty cool things:

Heading to the ECMC Craft Fair

Heading to the ECMC Craft Fair

We bought some Halloween and Thanksgiving barettes for Lilly. Then we hit up Open Farm Day (in Nova Scotia) at a local market/farm. They had lots of little games for the kiddies and best of all a bouncy castle.

Open Farm Day

Open Farm Day

Even though I didn’t get my run in on Saturday I had a nice visit with my sister and managed T25 (day 3) workout Sunday night.

What did you do this weekend?

Do you support other mama’s creative passions?

Whoops Mommy! and a Workout

Yesterday while driving Lilly to daycare I realised we forgot to brush our teeth. Eewww, gross, I know. I thought about not saying anything to Lilly and then I changed my mind. BIG MISTAKE!. Our conversation went a little something like this:

Me: “Lilly, don’t worry about it but Mommy forgot to brush your teeth (mine too) this morning”.

Lilly….replied in between bouts of crying …. “Mommy, I wanna brush my teeth,…I don’t want them to fall out”.

Me: “Don’t worry Lilly, it’s okay. We can brush our teeth twice tonight”

Lilly: “Ahhh, okay mommy. I don’t want cavities like you and Makalya” (Lilly’s older friend). You didn’t brush your teeth that’s why you have cavities, Mommy”.

Me: “Yes dear, you are right.”


Last night I decided it was time to get back into my evening workouts. I kinda took a little break. My excuse: I was finding it too hard to manage both girls (dinner, bath, bed), dishes, the house etc., in the evenings. To find 20 minutes to work out….let alone get a shower on top of that too wasn’t going to happen. Poor excuse Piper, poor excuse. 


I recently go a copy of T25 from a friend and have been putting off trying it. Why, I dunno. Last night I decide it was the night to start it. As muggy as it was in Nova Scotia yesterday ( it got up to 27 and felt like 35 degrees C), I went to our basement in shorts and a sport bra.

I started the workout and wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into. My calve muscles hurt after a few minutes and then the sweat was dripping down my face. I only had to do the “modify version” a few times but I felt really strong at the end. Bonus!

I liked how you could see the time counting down, a little time laps bar to show low much longer on that particular move and flashing above both of those was the move that was coming next. It wasn’t too hard or overwhelming and I like that.

The the sweat was dripping down my arms at the end of the 25 minutes … a sign of a good workout. I sure earned my shower 🙂


Then this happened this morning (Friday the 13th) as I was taking out the trash in the rain I noticed my passenger side window was OPEN. Frig!

It rained heavily last night…….in my car. My seat wet, the maps in the door soaked and my ERGO baby carrier that I leave in the car for easy access…..wet.

What a bummer 😦 

Man, I am forgetful these last few days. I’ve also forgotten my wallet in my car, not once but twice this week. I may be loosing my mind or maybe I’m just doing too much and I need to slow down a bit. Or start using a purse and not relying on a diaper bag as a purse.

Who knows………all I know is I have a wet car and had an awesome workout last night.

At least we can dress up and still have a good day:


Rainy day playing

Here’s to mess up’s, sore muscles and the weekend ahead of us!

What are your weekend plans?

Did you ever leave your window open over night in a rain storm?

Do you ever forget where you put something?