Monkey Update: 9 months old

Last week Hilary turned 9 months old! It’s amazing when you have your second child how you forget everything your first child did; like what age they did something or what approach you took with them. We are constantly learning with both girls and hoping they don’t notice if we mess up.

Hilary’s been a busy girl this past August; travelling twice to PEI to visit Daddy (5-6 hour car rides), eating more food than her sister, mother and father combined…well, almost and trying so hard to learn how to crawl.

Hilary Elise 9 months

Hilary Elise 9 months

Weight: 18 pounds (8.18kg)

Height: 69.5 cm long


  • Banana’s (we can’t even walk by them in the grocery store without her going nuts over them)
  • Playing peek-a-boo with her sister in the car
  • Checking to see what big sister Lilly is doing in the car
  • Standing / Pulling herself up to standing
  • Seeing Daddy on the computer when we skype
  • Watching cars and people in public places


  • Sleeping in other people’s houses (traveling)
  • Napping
  • Loud noises
  • Formula. Hate, hate, hates it with a passion………up until a few days ago!

New Happenings:

  • Waving hello and good bye
  • Eating more foods: toast, grapes, leeks, cheese, yogurt, spinach.
  • Weaning from breastfeeding
  • Moving around on the ground (not crawling but scooting around on her bum)
  • Loves standing up on her own when holding our hands
  • Know’s what buttons to press on her musical toys and get’s excited when the music comes on
  • Starting to say ba ba ba and bap.
  • She can see her Nan on skype and will wave hello to her….so cute!

H - 9 months

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How’s Mama doing?

Well, it’s been an interesting year having two daughters, trying to manage the house, day care, vacations and Daddy being away a lot. We’re making do. The girls are doing amazing when Daddy goes away for work and Hilary is really starting to come around with him. She even hug out, laying on his lap with him the other day. She has come along way.

I’ve been trying to workout with and without Hilary as much as I can. I’m also trying to get a little more sleep than before. The only way I can do that is if I go to bed when the girls do and forget about the messy dishes, the laundry to be washed and folded or the phone calls/emails/FB/Blog that are waiting for me.

I have three more months until I am back to work full-time! Yup, FULL TIME, 2 girls in day care and my husband is away most of the week with his job. Fun time’s ahead for us!

Good lord she’s growing fast!

Did your maternity leave fly by?

What are your babies (or kids) eating these days?

Are you able to take some “me time”?