SL3S Compression Sock Review

Since I started blogging (1.5 years now) I’ve had some neat opportunities come my way and feel pretty lucky to be able to take on a few. Recently, I was sent a pair of SL3S FXC (Active/Recovery) Compression Socks in Azure/White with some pretty cool butterfly’s on them.

SL3S Compression Socks

My first impression when taking them out of the box was that they were extremely soft, like kitten soft. I wasn’t convinced that they would be as tight as other compression socks I’ve tried because they felt so soft.

The company: SLS3 started in 2004 by a couple in love….awww….cute. No seriously, that’s what their website says. They are pro athletes who have a tone of experience under their belts. You can read more about the company at their website here: SLS3.

A few tidbits of information about their Butterfly Compression Socks: (you can find more details about the SLS3 compression socks here)

  • They allow you to work longer and harder, delaying the onset of fatigue.
  • They offer more targeted, significant support to the achilles tendons, tibias, calves and ankles, thus boosting the ability to reduce common ankle and foot injuries.
  • They can reduce your recovery time.

Product Features:

  • 20-30 mmHG of graduated compression
  • Seamless TekWeb Technology
  • Muscle Stability
  • Increased Bloodflow
  • Web knit for more support of arch
  • Cooling effect and UV protection! 🙂

My experience:

I went for run a few weeks ago and then put them on after I got back to help “recover” my muscles. Again, with them being so soft I wasn’t convinced they would be what I had expected. My husband had good laugh at me trying to put these “soft” socks on, commenting: “not so easy after all”. They were tighter then I expected yet soft to the touch. I wore them two more times after running to see if I noticed a difference with sore legs and I had the same positive results both times.



I stand a lot at home these day these days; doing dishes, at my stand up desk where my lap top sits and with Hilary in my arms. Really, I only sit when we eat a meal or I’m play in with Hilary on the floor. We had been away on vacation for a few days and I took a little break from the computer and relaxed more than normal; with my feet up. However, upon my return home I was yet again standing most of the day between various tasks. My legs were killing me and I decided to put on my butterfly compression socks when I went to bed to see if they would help. After 4 hours of sleeping with them on, I decided to take them off so I didn’t sleep in them all night long. My calve muscles actually felt great when I took them off….almost rejuvenated!

Right now I am focusing on getting in a few runs each week; with and without baby H in a jogging stroller and taking my running to a new level. This means longer runs, harder runs and tired muscles. I know these compression socks will be a staple piece of equipment when I start training more; during my runs and after to help my muscles recover. I like that I can use these socks after being on my feet all day at home and after a Zumba class (1.5 hours) to help my muscles recover sooner. They also recommend this socks for running, cycling, walking, triathlon and skiing. I have to admit, I wouldn’t have thought to use them this winter when I cross-country ski or downhill ski but I think they’ll be on my list of gear to pack now!

What I liked:

  • I liked the colours and butterfly’s – something a little different and fun…..common the butterfly wings will make you run faster 😉
  • The soft fabric was great.
  • Easy to wash and dry fast.
  • They fit my not so skinny calve muscles.
  • How they made my legs feel better after a few hours of wearing them.

What I didn’t like:

  • A little long for my legs; I had to be careful not to pull them up too high or they would be over my knees. I had a size 8-10 / S/M and I think I could have gone smaller.
  • That’s it.

Please note I was not paid to do this post. SLS3 provided this product for me to try out and provide a review in return. Thank You SLS3 for the opportunity….you got some great socks here!

Do you use Compression Socks after running or after a long day) ?

What do you look for in a pair of compression socks?

What’s your favourite compression socks out there? 

Have you tried SLS3 socks yet?