Whoops Mommy! and a Workout

Yesterday while driving Lilly to daycare I realised we forgot to brush our teeth. Eewww, gross, I know. I thought about not saying anything to Lilly and then I changed my mind. BIG MISTAKE!. Our conversation went a little something like this:

Me: “Lilly, don’t worry about it but Mommy forgot to brush your teeth (mine too) this morning”.

Lilly….replied in between bouts of crying …. “Mommy, I wanna brush my teeth,…I don’t want them to fall out”.

Me: “Don’t worry Lilly, it’s okay. We can brush our teeth twice tonight”

Lilly: “Ahhh, okay mommy. I don’t want cavities like you and Makalya” (Lilly’s older friend). You didn’t brush your teeth that’s why you have cavities, Mommy”.

Me: “Yes dear, you are right.”


Last night I decided it was time to get back into my evening workouts. I kinda took a little break. My excuse: I was finding it too hard to manage both girls (dinner, bath, bed), dishes, the house etc., in the evenings. To find 20 minutes to work out….let alone get a shower on top of that too wasn’t going to happen. Poor excuse Piper, poor excuse. 


I recently go a copy of T25 from a friend and have been putting off trying it. Why, I dunno. Last night I decide it was the night to start it. As muggy as it was in Nova Scotia yesterday ( it got up to 27 and felt like 35 degrees C), I went to our basement in shorts and a sport bra.

I started the workout and wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into. My calve muscles hurt after a few minutes and then the sweat was dripping down my face. I only had to do the “modify version” a few times but I felt really strong at the end. Bonus!

I liked how you could see the time counting down, a little time laps bar to show low much longer on that particular move and flashing above both of those was the move that was coming next. It wasn’t too hard or overwhelming and I like that.

The the sweat was dripping down my arms at the end of the 25 minutes … a sign of a good workout. I sure earned my shower 🙂


Then this happened this morning (Friday the 13th) as I was taking out the trash in the rain I noticed my passenger side window was OPEN. Frig!

It rained heavily last night…….in my car. My seat wet, the maps in the door soaked and my ERGO baby carrier that I leave in the car for easy access…..wet.

What a bummer 😦 

Man, I am forgetful these last few days. I’ve also forgotten my wallet in my car, not once but twice this week. I may be loosing my mind or maybe I’m just doing too much and I need to slow down a bit. Or start using a purse and not relying on a diaper bag as a purse.

Who knows………all I know is I have a wet car and had an awesome workout last night.

At least we can dress up and still have a good day:


Rainy day playing

Here’s to mess up’s, sore muscles and the weekend ahead of us!

What are your weekend plans?

Did you ever leave your window open over night in a rain storm?

Do you ever forget where you put something?

7 thoughts on “Whoops Mommy! and a Workout

  1. How adorable are your little ones? My goodness.
    Luckily, we have a fairly quiet weekend planned on our side :). Thanks to the constant rain in Denver, our plans to hike were squashed. So, I think it’s going to be lots of husband/wife time, college football with friends, and maybe some running squeezed in there. Sounds perfect to me 🙂

  2. Nice work on T25! I left my sunroof open in a downpour day recently, the entire car and everything in it was soaked, ugh. Love the princess dress… Teghan was wearing a similar one yesterday……..

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