We’ve been busy!

I’ve been a little MIA over the last week and here is why:

We went away for the weekend and had to prepare for leaving: getting ahead start on the laundry, a little peek-a-boo in Hilary’s new sleeping bag and crawling around on one need and one foot.

before trip 2013


Our first stop was at the NEW Target in Halifax with the girls, Second Cup Hot Chocolate (it’s getting cold), and some new runners for me and my big girl! We both have races coming up!!! YUP, Lilly’s running her first run in a few weeks!

Target 2013

Then the lovely wedding of my friend Sarah.

wedding 2013




We got home from a busy weekend and brought our dog Maclean home. She’s been vacationing in Halifax at the G’parents house.

Then this happened:

Maclean Sept 2013

Poor Maclean has had this growth on her nose for a long time and it grew really fast over the last few months.

We booked her in at the vets and off came the sore.

She hates her cone and can’t figure out why it’s stuck on her head.

Day 2 today and she’s figuring it out and starting eating today.

Who knew when your dog goes in for surgery you worry so much.

What have you been up to?

Have you been to any weddings this fall?

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