Happenings around here lately…

I’m sure happy to see Friday roll around again. Being on maternity leave you tend to forget what day it is because everyday is pretty similar to the last one. It’s been a long two weeks in this house – we’ve all been sick; battling head colds and the croup, Maclean has recovered from her surgery and Sai has been away. TWO busy busy weeks for me.

With the help of my Dad, last weekend I played 5 soccer games! Yup, five games. We were in a tournament and it was great to be back playing again. We also spent a little bit of time at the playground in between games.  I was surprised that my fitness was really good and I wasn’t hurting on the field but then I ached in the evenings. I was hoping to run most of this week but with a sick baby all my focus was on her.

Soccer playground fun

Sometimes it’s hard being parents…okay it’s hard a lot of the time but you get through it, move on and do it again the next day. I’m exhausted at the end of most days and just manage to get the dishes done, some laundry folded and then I crash.

Sometimes I raise my voice at Lilly. And yes, yes, I feel super guilty but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t raise my voice at her. Three year olds are hard work….they can talk back, they don’t listen except when it involves their favourite food and they can have the BIGGEST tantrum over the smallest thing: example – Hilary looked at me, said Lilly one day crying hysterically. Oh yeah!

Anyway, I’ve had a few days of feeling like a bad parent and then I came across this video and had to share. It me feel better, slow down and just enjoy the time I have left on my maternity leave.

Back to Friday….it means that we are only one day away from Lilly running her first EVER race! 400 meters with a few of her friends. I’m just slightly excited. Then on Sunday I run 5k in the morning; both races are at the Valley Harvest Marathon. After I run, we’ll be heading to Halifax for Thanksgiving dinner…yum yum!

Yesterday I went apple picking with Lilly’s day care … these are the days I love being a parent!

Apple picking Oct 2013

HAPPY THANKSGIVING to my fellow Canadians this weekend. Eat lots, drink a little (or a lot), get outside with your family and enjoy *fingers crossed* the lovely weather they are predicting!

What are your plans this weekend?

Anyone running this weekend?

What are your Thanksgiving plans ?

(You can answer this too if your from the US….what will you do in November for Thanksgiving?)

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