It’s been one of those days. As I start writing this it’s 7:38 pm…the girls are asleep and Maclean is destroying a make-your-dog-breath-go-away bone. The dishes are piled up and my eyes are doing everything they can to stay open.

I wrote a couple of blog posts this week but failed to hit publish…why ? Just not feeling it. But I’ll get them up soon.

Yesterday my “How to Get Kids Outside in November” post went up on the TOTS page 🙂 Thinking Outside The Sandbox – Family & Business are two great blogs you can learn a lot from…whether you are a parent, aunt/uncle, entrepreneur or blogger etc.

A few FUN photo’s from today:

Happy girls loving the Zoo!

Happy girls loving the Zoo!




We have a Halloween party for the kiddies tomorrow – yeah!

That’s it. Pretty blah post….but that’s okay… right ?

I’m off to do the dishes….well, maybe just half of them.

My eyes want to go to sleep.

Ever write a bunch of posts and fail to hit publish?

Anyone going to a Halloween Party this weekend?

Anyone running?

I wish I was….I just feel like running for as long and as far as my body will let me. Then turn around and head home!

Happy Friday!