WIAW: A Vegan, Omnivore and a Toddler Eat Together.

What? Really, you say? Yes, we do! I thought this week’s WIAW would take on how we eat together (most days).

My husband is a vegan and I am not. I will never be a vegan because I love cheese, fish and some meats….and that’s okay. We are not raising our daughters to be vegans but will expose them to all foods as they grow up. When they are old enough and can decided what they want to eat or not eat and it will be their choice.The great thing about having a vegan, omnivore, toddler AND baby in the house is that we can make a variety of meals to suit everyone’s needs and eat healthy. I’ve written about my food philosophy before and am happy with the way we eat.

By now, you must be thinking “okay, so how do you make a meal for everyone to eat” ? Good question.

Some days I go all out making a vegan only meal. Some days I make a vegan meal and add meat. And other days I make a meat meal for Lilly and I, then let my husband figure out his own meal.  That’s life! I’ve shared one way I make everyone happy over at Thinking Outside The Sandbox – Family.

Introducing a baby to new foods is always fun. Hilary is now starting to eat more of the same meals we are which is awesome! She’s open to trying new foods and usually has a funny face that goes along with the new food.

Introducing a toddler to new foods is way more challenging than I ever thought. We try hard to provide healthy food but sometimes you just have to go with what is quick and what they will eat. Lilly has really surprised us with some foods:  she loves spicy pakora’s from the farmers market, hummus, pesto, and good cheese. She’ll never be vegan because she loves cheese way too much. She is slowly eating more veggie’s (spinach, red/green/yellow and orange peppers) beans and nuts.

This is what a meal can look like in our house:

1 meal three people

This was an obvious non-vegan / Sai make your own dinner night 🙂

Salmon, mashed potatoes, carrots, corn, peas and toasted rosemary bread.

And, this is another way a meal can look like in our house:


Home made pizza; chicken on the left and vegan tofurky sausage on the right.

Lilly’s bite size pizza not shown: small slider burger bun with sauce and cheese.


 So, how to you meet the needs of your family’s food requirements?

What’s your favourite meal to make?

Weekend fun

We had another great family weekend. It started off with a sick dog 😦 Poor Maclean wasn’t feeling good so Lilly decided to read her a story to make her feel better. (Oh man, my heart just melted a little more for this girl).

lilly maclean

I ran the Miles for Miracles 5k with two friends Saturday night after the girls went to bed.

Miles for Miracles Run 2013

The blog got a little face lift….change is good.


We went out for breakfast as a family for the first time …. food was dropped, milk was spilled on the floor, we used our little Norwex cloths (thanks Jen) and we all left with full bellies.

cora's breakfast


What did you do this weekend?

Any good runs or workouts?

How often do you go out for a family meal ? And where do you go?

Saturday night running

Last night I went for a run but not just any run. I was running the Miles for Miracles (satellite) run with two friends. I mentioned before that I would be doing this run to help raise money for Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome or TTTS. The main run was to be held yesterday in Ontario and we ran it here, in Nova Scotia.

After getting all of our little ones to bed….or at least calm enough to leave the house we met at 8 pm. We were supposed to be four mama’s running but one mama couldn’t make it. Sometimes you just can’t do it all.

I made “race bibs” for us with a picture of Jolene’s twins, our names and even gave us a number 🙂 Wearing glow sticks we headed out onto the gravel track which was 70% pitch black. The goal was to run an “almost 5k” (4.5k) as that;s what was planned in Ontario. I had worn my garmin to keep track of how we were doing. We ended up going the full 5k and not stopping once! Well done ladies!

Miles for Miracles Run 2013

Jolene is pictured in the middle (bottom photo) is the Mama to the twin girls AND a 3-year-old boy. She brought us a little goody bag: Wine, chocolate, granola bar and water. I brought granola bars and chocolate soy milk for us too!

Since we rarely get together without our children, we sat around for a little bit…chatted, ate and drank.

Congrats to Jolene for not only training over the last 2 months but finishing her goal run. Your twin girls and son have such an awesome role model and lots of fun adventures ahead.

See you next year Miles for Miracles.

Valley Harvest Marathon 5k Race Recap

It’s been a few days since I ran 5k at the Valley Harvest Marathon but it was Thanksgiving weekend so I had to get all my ducks in a row before writing this post. Lilly ran her first race on Saturday and then I ran Sunday morning followed by Thanksgiving dinner with the fam. Let’s just say I was beyond exhausted when we got home and all four of us were in bed by 8:45 pm!

The night before my run was a bit of a gong show….in brief; Sai came home, both girls were up multiple times, we all had very little sleep and I had very little training as Hilary was pretty sick for 2 weeks.


My day/run went something like this….

5:15 am Up with Hilary – got her back to sleep at 6 am. (We were up at midnight and 1:30 am also).

6:30 am Alarm goes off – I get up and get ready.

Somewhere between 7 and 8:22 am we all ate breakfast, got dressed, packed up and hit the road for the run.

8:40 am Arrive at Acadia University in Wolfville where the run was to take place. We parked are car, loaded up the stroller and headed down to the start area. There were lots of runners going by as the Ultra, Full and 1/2 Marathon started before the 10 and 5K runs.

9:00 am 10K runners start – we cheered them on and then it was my turn to delayer my new jacket and fleece pants and wait in line.  I lined up in the “Sub 30” group hoping to finish under 35 minutes. While waiting for the start, I saw two people I knew; one girl I coached 10 years ago in under 12 soccer…I felt a little old at that point 🙂 But it was great to see her.anna vhm 2013

Pre-race cuddles (warmth), finisher and family photo!

9:15 am 5k Run starts…I started my Green Garmin and off we went. Sai, Lilly and Hilary were up ahead and as I approached them Lilly was happy to see me…and I tossed my sunglasses to Sai. Even though it was sunny and BLOODY cold (+2 C ) I decided I didn’t want them.

Not even a minute into the run and my pants started falling down. NOT A GOOD SIGN!

It was an awesome flat course through the Town of Wolfville, then onto the Dykes (trails) and then back to the Acadia track via crusher-dust trails. The views were pretty sweet looking over the dykes and ocean (Minas Basin). There was one small, smallest of small inclines and it killed me AND the professional photographer was RIGHT there taking my race photo. AWESOME!

Terrible photo of me running :)

Terrible photo of me running 🙂

My Garmin did not disappoint! It told me when I was ahead of my pace, behind my pace and how fast I was running each kilometer. Best. Running. Purchase. Ever!

The last kilometer was completely a head game. I KNOW I can run the distance but my body hadn’t put in the time and I wasn’t sure how I would do. My goal was to run the last 1k as much as I could. In my head I would say don’t walk until this point and then my legs would stop. Twice I walked when I really should have just kept running and that may have cost me 20-30 seconds on my time … which would have been awesome to get!

I came up to the track and finished the race strong but as I crossed the finish line buddy beside me took a step to his left and STOPPED right in front of me …. so I had to dodge his body or I would have smacked into his back. Thank goodness NO ONE was watching the finish line… oh well, I don’t think my finish looked too bad.

I found my little family hanging out with our good friend Meredith. We hung out for a bit, got some snacks, water and enjoyed the sunshine as it had warmed up.

mileage at VHM 2013

My stats: 5 K (3.1 miles)

Garmin Time: 32:11

Chip Time: 32:10

Finish Time: 32:21

Average Pace: 6:26/k

Overall place: 224 out of 468 runners in the 5k

Division Place: 67 of 156

vhm medal

I was really happy with my race and my time. After I started running my goal of finishing under 35 minutes dropped to finishing under 33 minutes and I did that. However, if I only pushed it a little more during that last kilometer I may have broken 32 minutes.

swag 2013

My running outfit and awesome swag!

My ultimate goal is to run a sub 29:18 either at a race or in training. Knowing where I finished at this race, balancing two girls (sometimes on my own), and not always getting out to train, I know my goal is in sight I just have to make it happen now.

Have you ever almost run into someone at the finish line?

Ever run into your mind saying one thing and your body doing another?

What’s your favourite FALL race to run / watch ?

WIAW: Canadian Thanksgiving

Since we celebrated Thanksgiving last weekend I thought I would share photo’s from our dinner. Being the busy family that we were that day, I took no pictures as I forgot my camera behind but I’ve stolen borrowed photo’s that my sister took; so photo credit goes out to my sister 🙂 Thanks Laura.

Drinks & Decorations

thanksgiving 1


There were so many people  (17) that we had to set up two tables in separate rooms and the food stayed in the kitchen. It was my mom’s side of the family, friends of mine and friends of my brother’s who came to dinner.

It’s always a big crowd for Thanksgiving in our house. In the past (separate years) we’ve had a family from South Africa and two University girls from British Columbia (other side of Canada) come celebrate with us). Always a great time!

Turkey, mashed potatoes AND cream cheese potatoes *amazing*, carrots, corn, peas, stuffing, sweet potatoes and gravy.

thanksgiving 2

But more important … the deserts. Three pies including my Vegan Apple Pie.

Not shown – chocolate cheese cake and Queen-ann squares (heaven).

thanksgiving 3

Those were most of our eats for Thanksgiving dinner.

There was also a tofurky, vegan cream cheese potatoes, and vegan stuffing for Sai.

And then we had left overs Monday 🙂

What do you eat for Thanksgiving dinner?

How many people usually attend your Thanksgiving meal?

Happy Wednesday! 

Valley Harvest Marathon – Kids Run

Last Saturday Lilly did her first run – 400 m at the Valley Harvest Marathon in Wolfville, Nova Scotia. We’ve been talking about this run with Lilly for weeks and even running with her when we take our dog out for a walk. She loves to run and she loves that Mommy and Daddy run to. She actually thought it was my job to run….god love her. Before the race we hit up our local farmers market and met my parents there: Grandad a.k.a. videographer and Grammy a.k.a. babysitter for Hilary.

I talked to Lilly about her run and that mommy wasn’t allow to run with her but she would run around the red track all by herself…with her friends of course. She was fine with that. I even talked to her about falling…that if you fall, you can get back up and keep running. Well, thank goodness we had that talk because about 85% into the run she fell after another girl stopped right in front of her without any warning. Poor girl. Good thing Grandad was near by, he got her up and then I ran with her to the finish line.


She was really excited and was having lots of fun playing with her friends.

Lilly valley harvest pre race

T-shirt and bib on…ready to go. Little sis hanging with Grammy and then she was a little unsure at the start!

But she has these awesome socks from one of her boy-friends to make her run FAST!


Lilly was super excited to be running and to run with her friends. However, the organizers broke them up to boys/girls for their run. Lilly’s friends were really upset that they couldn’t all run together. And to be honest, at this age (under 5) I wasn’t too happy they were broken up into boys/girls. They have a life time of being in gender specific groups and fighting for equal opportunities, why at this run? {little rant, sorry}.

valley harvest 2

Once the race got underway it was hard to keep up with her and take pictures. She runs like her father; tall posture. Happy as can be. Go Lilly Go!

PicMonkey Collage

Left – before race = Happy.

Middle – after race checking out her medal and a little upset that she fell.

Right – Lilly and Mommy

LILLYS medal valley harvest 2013

And then the medal!!! Valley Harvest Marathon – Kids Run 400 meters for Lilly and a pretty cool T-shirt that she’ll grow into.

We asked her after the race if she would do it again next year…she said “No”!

However, later that night she changed her mind and said yes.

How was your weekend?

What was your first race like?

What was your child(ren)’s first race like?


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