Fall into Fitness 30 Day Challenge – Day 1 and Goals

November 3rd – Hilary is 11 months old today! (I’ll post about her later this week.)

And November 3rd is also Fall into Fitness 30 Day Challenge …. starts today! I talked about it yesterday and am here to report its well underway. I’m not normally good with challenges as I give up after a while mainly because I get bored or it’s TOO challenging. Isn’t that why it’s called a challenge…to push yourself and see what you can do?


Since the clocks went back an hour in Nova Scotia last night I put the girls to bed a little later but still had an extra hour of sleep so I thought I’d take advantage and get a workout  in to kick off my challenge. It’s been about a week since I did a good workout, mainly because I went to see the Osteopath last Tuesday and she told me to take a few days off.

My workout last night:

  • Focus T25 – Total Cardio Workout (25 minutes, 3 minute cool down)
  • Day 2 of the Thigh Challenge (5-8 minutes – guess I should time this for the challenge).

It was a good workout … okay, let’s be honest, it was hard towards the end and then I did the thigh workout. I was a little wobbly last night but this morning my legs are feeling strong – almost as if I want to go for a long LONG run. I don’t have soccer this Monday or Wednesday so I’m either working out once the girls to go sleep or running with H in the jogging stroller.

Fall into Fitness 30 Day Challenge:

The Challenge is to blog about your fitness, workouts, weight loss, recipes and your personal experience. So, I thought I would share my goal and reasons for participating in this challenge

My goal: To workout four times a week this month and lose a weight (no specific goal on the weight)

1. I want to increase my fitness level to help with my running goals for 2014.
2. I want to plan better meals for the whole week for my family, prepping for my return back to work from maternity leave.
And to meet / support the other bloggers in this challenge.
Hopefully all attainable in 30 days.

Did you clocks go back last night? 

Did you remember?

For those doing the 30 Day Thigh Challenge – how’s it going?

15 thoughts on “Fall into Fitness 30 Day Challenge – Day 1 and Goals

  1. I love that you took advantage of the extra hour gained! I had never set out to do that but it certainly is a welcome surprise when beginning a challenge that requires energy 🙂

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