Monday Motivation Workout (Day 2 Challenge)

Well frig, I hit publish on my “Meal Planning” post last night instead of schedule post. Then I thought I needed to draft another post to go up Monday and hit publish again! Sorry for anyone who got a random “post notification”…..Whoops!

Since it’s officially Day 2 of the Fall into Fitness Challenge, I wanted to share this workout with you.

I did a series of “Motivation Monday” posts when I first started blogging in 2011/2012 and haven’t picked it up again. I thought I would start off Day 2 of the challenge with a workout.

Sometimes I just don’t have time to workout, especially when my husband is away. On those days when he is away I crave running….like REALLY crave a good l-o-n-g run. I want to run as far and as long as I can…then stop, turn around and run back home. I’m sure some day I’ll get that motivation when he is actually home and can hang out with the girls.

This is what I did yesterday (Day 1 of the challenge):

  • Thigh challenge – 30 Day Thigh Challenge by Jodi Higgs (5 minutes)
  • 10 Minute Power Walk with Maclean
  • This Bob Harper Work Out x 3 and then easy stretching:


Source – found on Pinterest.

First off – working out on your kids play mats is better than a yoga mat.

Second, lunges and my thigh challenge from earlier in the day – bad idea.

Third – I’m terrible at push up’s from my feet and I go on my knees!

Fourth – my hear rate was pumpin’ after the BHworkout.

What’s your favourite go-to workout when you just DON’T WANT TO WORKOUT?

What motivates you on a Monday to work out ?

16 thoughts on “Monday Motivation Workout (Day 2 Challenge)

  1. Haha I hate when I do that (the publish vs schedule)! Don’t worry about push-ups from your knees! It’s far more important to have great form (on your feet or knees) than to do a messy push-up just so you can do it on your feet! Not sure if that sentence made sense…BTW I’m getting nervous for the end of the month when we’re doing a bazillion thigh moves.

  2. Nothing wrong with pushups from your knees! They are still pushups.
    My go-to when I’m really not feeling it is always yoga. And my motivation to run today is all those chicken wings I ate during the football game yesterday. πŸ™‚

  3. Good job with Day 1! πŸ™‚

    My favorite workout when I don’t want to do it is yoga. I can convince myself that it will just be a lot of lying down and stretching – but then I get to class and it kicks my butt.

    • It’s amazing what yoga can do for your body. I went religiously when I was pregnant and loved it. Since I can get out to a weekly class now, I’m thankful I can at least do it at home.

  4. Funny how it is on the days when you can run for long distances you don’t want to but the day you can’t you want to. Same rule applies when you get hurt too…you want to do those things you can’t.

    As for push ups from your knees…I say giv’er and I am doing them that way too. Slowly but surely I will get my upper body strength back but until then knees it is. I just make sure I am really focusing on my core when I do them that way.

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