I Took a Rest Day on Day 2 of a Challenge

Yup! You read that right. Yesterday, I decided it would be a rest day of the Fall into Fitness Challenge off. It was a scheduled day of rest for the Thigh Challenge which I started on Nov 1st. I thought I would just rest from that workout and go for a good walk with Maclean in the afternoon to get my minutes in for the Fall into Fitness Challenge…..but that didn’t happen.

Rest Day

One of my best friends arrived early afternoon and we got lost in talking, Hilary playing and then it was time to pick up Lilly. She walked Maclean and her dog Cody while I got Lilly from the sitters. It was really cold outside I just wanted to be inside away from the cold. I must be turning into a sissy….I used to work outside (5 winters, 4 fall and 3 spring seasons) all day long for a living and now I can’t handle a few minutes. I’m sure hoping that changes this winter because I’m ready to hit the trails and hills (downhill and cross-country skiing).

Rest days are important for your body and should be incorporated into your weekly workout plans. They help your body rebuild muscles and prevent injuries. They are just as important as healthy food and liquids … water, wine, chocolate milk. What? Wine? Wine is a fruit …. right….it’s healthy for you….wink wink. I like having chocolate milk after a hard workout or run.

I’m fine with rest days but am sure looking forward to getting in a nice walk and the Thigh Challenge Day 4 today.  I’m also hoping to get out running this week….I really need to sit down and plan my workouts for the rest of the week to ensure I don’t miss any….or have TOO many rest days.

Do you take rest days?

How do you plan your rest days?

How many days of the week do you work out?

14 thoughts on “I Took a Rest Day on Day 2 of a Challenge

  1. Rest days are completely necessary to avoid injury! I definitely take rest days, but like your photo, all I do is think about how I should be working out…I take 1 complete rest day (no running or strength training) and 1 day of no running (I do strength training and/or stretching). Don’t feel guilty about taking your rest day. Sometimes they’re just unplanned and needed!

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