Day 3 & 4 Fall into Fitness Challenge

Since I took a rest day on Day 2, I knew I couldn’t have a repeat on Day 3. This is what yesterday (Day 3) and today (Day 4) looked like for the challenge:

Day 3 (Tues):

  • 30 minute walk with Hilary in her stroller and Maclean
  • Day 5 Thigh Challenge: 15 lateral lunges (both legs), 30 scissors, 12 fire hydrants (both legs), 12 pile squat pluses.
  • Tony Horton’s Yoga Flex – 10 minutes (felt SO good)

Day 4 (Wed):

  • Walk Maclean – 10 minute walk with H in stroller and then,
  • Running – 3k (21 minutes) with H in stroller and…..then,
  • Day 6 Thigh Challenge: 20 lateral lunges (both legs), 40 scissors, 15 fire hydrants (both legs), 15 pile squat pluses.

I’m POOPED now!

Day 5 (Thurs): Proposed workout for tomorrow…we’ll see if it happens!

  • Day 7 Thigh Challenge: 25 lateral lunges (both legs), 50 scissors, 18 fire hydrants (both legs), 20 pile squat pluses.
  • Zumba 1 hour *pending approval after my Osteopath appointment*
  • Walk Maclean – 15 Minutes

You feel after workout

I’ve managed to stick to my Meal Planning so far this week. It sure takes the stress of what to have for dinner and I’m able to prep the food earlier in the day when Hilary naps. This is all going to change when I get back to work. I’m thinking I’ll have to meal plan the week before and prep as much as I can on Sunday nights.

That’s it…short and sweet post for today 🙂

Did you work out today?

Inside or Outdoor workout? 

Happy Hump Day!

15 thoughts on “Day 3 & 4 Fall into Fitness Challenge

  1. Until I read this post, I had never heard of a fire hydrant exercise, so I looked it up on youtube. The instruction the guy gave made me giggle (I’m pretty immature), but I also imagine the burn combined with lunges and squats is probably intense…. no wonder you are pooped! You’ve inspired me to work a bit harder! Good luck with getting clearance for zumba!

    • ha ha, yeah it goes sounds pretty funny when you think about it 🙂

      Glad I could inspire you to work a bit harder…it wasn’t my intentions but happy this post motivated you.

  2. I went for a 5km run outside, which I hadn’t done for over a week so it was great. Today I want to run to the gym, do 20 minutes on the stairmaster, 15 minutes on the rowing machine and 10 minutes on the bike.

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