Monkey Update: Hilary is 11 Months Old!

Good god, how did we get here? Hilary is 11 months old and counting. Time just goes by way too fast when you have little ones. I’m feeling pretty blessed to have had this year off (and whole year off when Lilly was born) but now reality is setting in and I head back to work in less than a month from now.


Hilary Elise – 11 months old!


  • Books!
  • Loves being outside.
  • More interested in Maclean and wants to play with all the time.
  • Crawling after her big sister.
  • Home made cinnamon oatmeal – can’t get enough of it.
  • Bouncing in her crib.
  • Dancing to any music.
  • Playing with noisy toys.
  • Climbing ON and IN everything.
  • When Daddy comes home – she clapped the last time he came home.
Hilary 10 to 11 months old

A climber like her father 🙂


  • Pasta – guess it’s just a texture thing.
  • Playing in her playpen while Mommy get’s ready.
  • Being held by her sister.
  • Mittens (and we are just at the start of our cold season).
Hilary 10 to 11 months old #3

Miss Personality.

New Happenings:

  • Had her first Halloween!!!
  • 2 more teeth (7 in total)
  • Crawling around extremely fast on one knee and one foot, like a crab!
  • She will copy words now and say: woof woof, app -lll (apple), haa – t (hot), hoo hoo (owl).
  • Went back to two naps a day, thanks to Daddy!
  • Laughing if you do something funny, likes to make funny faces.
Hilary 10 to 11 months old #2

First time with new (to Hilary) toy.

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Next Monkey Update will be her 12 month update and birthday!

Happy November!