Getting lost in Challenges

I thought doing two challenges at once wouldn’t be a bad idea. Adn really, it’s not but when they both started on different days I’m finding it hard to remember what day is what with each challenge. 

Last night I managed to go to Zumba! I don’t get there very often … maybe once a month which kinda sucks but I’ll take it. I play soccer once a week (if Sai is home or family can come babysit) and then I workout at home (T25, Jillian Micheal’s or Yoga Flex DVD’s) or go for a run. I like the variety of workouts I have, I’m not stuck doing just one activity.

Day 5 of Fall into Fitness Challenge looked like this:

  • Zumba – 1 hour 
  • 30 Day Thigh Challenge: 25 lateral lunges (both legs), 50 scissors, 18 fire hydrants (both legs) and 20 pile squat pulses. 

I thought I finished my thigh challenge and then remember reading on Ashley’s blog Chocolate Covered Race Medal’s that the next day would be a rest day. Whoops! I thought I was only on day 6 not day 7 … so back I went to finish off the number of sets I was supposed to do. 


This SH$T’s about to get REAL. I’m started to get scared of this challenge as my thigh’s are not liking the “fire hydrant” move. It’s going to kill me.  Since today is a rest day for the “thigh challenge” I’m taking it easy. No crazy workouts, no running, no dvd workouts. It’s a rest day and I’m going to take it. 

Quote of the day

One of my goals is to work out four times a week for the Fall into Fitness Challenge. So far so good, plus I have a soccer game Saturday so looks like I’ll get FIVE days in this week! Bonus! 

Have you ever missed or skipped a day on a challenge ?

Anyone doing the Thigh Challenge feeling the burn yet?

Weekend plans? 

~Time with my girls, soccer for me and soccer for Lilly 😉

Happy Friday!

11 thoughts on “Getting lost in Challenges

  1. Really helpful to read about how you’re finding the 30 day thigh challenge, I wouldn’t have guessed it’d be the Fire hydrant that’s the killer move – definitely going to start this weekend!

  2. I have no idea what a fire hydrant is, but I’m already scared of it! I’m doing a plank challenge this month that ends up with a 5 minute plank on the last day. But. I missed the first 5 days. So I made them up with a 3 minute plank the first day. Let’s just say I’m not looking forward to a 5 minute plank. 🙂

    Good luck tomorrow with your challenge! That sounds hard!

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