Mind Over Matter

Sometimes we just get to the weekend and think it’s time to relax and do nothing….OR do everything. Cram it all in because it’s the weekend of course! I’m guilty of both. Before kids I would try to do everything and more. Burn out and fatigue would set in sometimes. I had have a hard time saying “no”. With two children now things have changed a bit. We try hard not to cram too much in when we are all together but sometimes you just have to and plan for the worst (tantrums, meltdowns and set backs).

motivation - your mind

It’s the same with running (or working out). You set a goal, commit to it but sometimes you just can’t achieve the outcome you want. I mentioned in my last post that this Thigh Challenge is about to get REAL! I’m not feeling overwhelmed but sure not looking forward to increasing the numbers. Oh well…..I signed up for it……I’m going to try to accomplish it. My goal is to make it to Day 16 (rest day) and any more I will consider it a bonus!

Mind over matter 🙂

Fall into Fitness Challenge update:

Friday was a rest day with the Thigh Challenge – which I am very thankful for … my body needed it. I took the girls and Maclean for a 25 minute walk in the afternoon.

I’m back at it today with Day 9 of the Thigh Challenge (30 lateral lunges, 55 scissors, 20 fire hydrants and 30 plie squat pulses –> DONE, hardest.day.yet. Plus I have an indoor soccer game tonight.

I absolutely love soccer…it’s my first love in sports, running is a close second.

Anna soccer  10 years ago

Soccer – my first love in sports

Do you have a hard time saying “No”?

What’s your favourite sport or activity?

Do you think it’s Mind over Matter ?

Enjoy your weekend!

Piper 🙂