Six Years Ago

My life changed forever. In a good way. A really good way.

November 10 2007 Our Wedding

Best. Day. Ever.
*besides when our daughters were born*

I married my soul mate, my best friend, the person I wanted to spend all my time with, wake up next to and raise children together. We got married November 10th 2007 with 14 family and friends….small and intimate.

The following summer we had a church blessing and reception with around 70 friends and family – who get’s to wear their wedding dress and tux twice ??? Not too many people….but we did 🙂

August 8 2008 Blessing 3

We moved for jobs, lived apart, bought a house, had a baby, live apart again/went back to school, had baby #2 and now live apart again (part-time) 😦

August 8 2008 Blessing

One thing that hasn’t change is my love. Well, maybe it has….it’s much stronger and has grown in ways I cannot explain.

I love the way he takes care of our daughters and the way they look at him.

I love the way he makes me laugh when all I want to do is cry.

I love that he took a leap and changed his career. To do something he’s been passionate about for years.

I love that he sticks to his beliefs even if it means I have to find new vegan recipes to make.


I love that he supports me, laughs with me, challenges me and understands I don’t like watching Criminal Minds alone.

I love the person he has become.

August 8 2008 Blessing 2

Our wedding party…best friends and my cousin. xo

BEST. SIX. YEARS. OF. MY. LIFE… here’s to at least 66+ more.

Happy Anniversary Sai…..with love always, Anna. xo

Lynn Doy Photographs 201

I’ll hold your hand forever, xo

You can read more about our funny story here –> how we met and got engaged 🙂

How did you meet your significant other?

# of Years dating/married?

What do you love about your significant other?

8 thoughts on “Six Years Ago

  1. Congratulations! I met my husband on a dating site in 2009. We dated for a month but he had some personal problems that he didn’t feel comfortable sharing at that stage so we stopped seeing each other and I didn’t hear from him for eight months. Then one day he watched the film, District 9 and the South African accents made him think of me (I’m South African, living in the UK) so he got back on contact. I didn’t want to see him again because I was heartbroken when we split up before but he was very persistent and eventually I gave in and agreed to one cup of coffee. The very first moment I saw him again I knew I was in trouble. We dated for six months after that before moving in, got engaged 2 months later and married 11 months after that. We’ve now been married for just over two years and I cannot imagine my life without him. What I love about him is how much he makes me laugh. We never stop laughing. He is also always there for me and he is a gentle, kind and very affectionate man. Everything I’ve alwats wanted!

  2. What a beautiful post! Love your photos! Happy anniversary to you both! I met my boyfriend in high school. We became best friends in college and started dating 🙂 He makes me a better person and is seriously the greatest guy I know.

  3. I love love stories! The pictures are beautiful!

    Also, thank you for linking the post about how you and your husband met. It’s sooooo romantic!



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