Remembering those …

November 11th has always been a day of Remembrance for us. For those who have fought for our Country (and other countries too).

My brother’s in the Canadian military along with many close friends, not a career I could have chosen that’s for sure. I have great respect for those who are in the military and their families. There wives or husbands who run the house by themselves, their children who miss out on having two parents around, their parents for the worry of their son or daughter not coming home.

This by far was the worst day for my family:

Leaving for Afghanistan

Leaving for Afghanistan

If the picture was bigger you’d see the sadness on my father’s face, the braveness in my brother’s and the hope in my mother’s face. His wife, not pictured here was holding it together somehow. I was unable to be at the airport this day and am thankful for that – I would have been a sobbing mess.

However, we were able to have this moment upon his return

Returning to Canada

Returning to Canada

Such a happy day for our family.

Today, I remember those who lost their lives, their families, their time.

So many years of people fighting for their country, so many war’s, so many losses.


Lets We Forget.

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