10 Days In {Challenge Update}

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 10 days since I started the Fall into Fitness 30 Day Challenge. I’ve sure been blogging a lot more than normal which has its pro’s and con’s.  I don’t know how people can find time to blog every day and sometimes 2-3 times a day – hat’s off to you folks!


During the 30 day challenge you can accumulate “points” in three categories: number of posts, workouts and pounds lost. This is where I am at as of today:

Blog posts: 9 (all tagged “Fall into Fitness 30 Day Challenge)

Pounds lost: 0 – I never weighed myself before the workout as I decided two months ago to not bother will the scale anymore. I did weigh myself the other day and am happy where I am at…but it’s not a focus for me in this challenge.

Hours of workouts: 5 hours and 32 minutes (in 10 days)

Day 1: 29 minutes (10 minute walk, 15 minute Bob Harper Workout, 4 minute Thigh challenge)

Day 2: REST

Day 3: 44 minutes (30 minute walk, 10 minute Yoga Flex DVD, 4 minute Thigh challenge)

Day 4: 26 minutes (ran 21 minutes – 3k with Hilary in stroller  and 5 minute thigh challenge)

Day 5: 65 minutes (Zumba class for 1 hour, 5 minute thigh challenge)

Day 6: 25 minutes (25 minute walk with Maclean, Lilly and Hilary in her stroller)

Day 7: 67 minutes (60 minute soccer game, 7 minute thigh challenge)

Day 8: 8 minutes (8 minute thigh challenge) Took the day off working out

Day 9: 68 minutes (60 minute soccer game, 8 minutes thigh challenge – starting to get rough)

Day 10 – today – REST day from thigh challenge and taking the day off

*hour of workouts – if you could have only seen me trying to calculate all the times: 25 min here, 4 minutes there, 60 minutes here and here…. even though I knew how long each workout took at the time, I didn’t add it up very well when I was doing it* dang.

easy is boring

Changes for the next 10 Days:

  1. Record my minutes every day.
  2. Workout longer so I can have an even 30 – 60 -80 minutes…none of this 4, 7, 8 minutes. That’s messed up. So if the thigh challenge takes me 9 minutes, I will do sit-ups, jumping jacks etc until I can round it to the nearest 10.
  3. Post more recipes and meal planning of week 2 (already started)
  4. Weigh myself in 10 days to see if I lost any weight … to gain a point of course 🙂

Are you doing any challenges?

How is it going?

Anyone doing the Fall into Fitness challenge, how’s it going?

8 thoughts on “10 Days In {Challenge Update}

  1. That’s cool that you don’t weigh yourself. Scale weight is such a lie. I always went by how I looked, felt and inches!

    and WAY to go. I can’t wait till I am up to more than walking 🙂

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