Meal Planning Week #2

Let’s just say that week #2 of Meal Planning wasn’t as successful as week #1. You win some you lose some.

What our week looked like … a.k.a. What really happened:

Sunday: Grilled Cheese – I didn’t have our meals planned out and it was a rushed day so I decided on an easy and quick meal for Lilly and I.  And, I couldn’t tell you what Hilary had for dinner but she did eat something healthy. Sai slept through dinner as he worked the night before, drove home (5 hours) and was out cold for 6 hours!

Monday: Butternut Squash Soup (frozen) – took it out of the freezer in the morning and had Olive bread from our Farmer’s Market. All four of us ate the soup – win win for Mommy 🙂

Tuesday: Vegan Sheppard’s Pie – Did not happen. What did happen? Well, Sai and I went grocery shopping…bad, BAD idea to shop together. You both have different plans, EVEN when you go in with a list*, it always changes. Being the person Sai is, he saw the store-made pizza’s were on sale and said “let’s get a pizza”. For a split second I thought, oh good lord tonight’s dinner will be easy…one pizza…already made. Then I remembered he was a vegan, dang! I got a pizza for Lilly and I, then we found a vegan pizza for Sai. Two pizza’s not on my meal plan, not on our grocery list!

*Always have a list when grocery shopping; it can keep you on track and ensure that you don’t buy “too much” stuff you don’t need.

Wednesday: Pork Chops, Sweet Potatoes, Brocoli and Cauliflower. This did not happen. Lilly had pasta/sauce, Sai made himself something and I didn’t eat anything because I was SO full from our lunch.

hilary telling daddy something

hilary mid bite

We went out for lunch with Hilary to celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary. I know, I know, usually you go out kid-less but it wasn’t in our cards this year so we took Hilary to lunch with us. She always makes friends when we go anywhere and she was loving all the lights to look at. I hope Lilly never has a chance to read this blog – sorry love.

This is what I ate for lunch:

The most amazing Club House you’ve ever had and French Onion Soup.

Plus we had “wicked fries” as an app …. totally not healthy.

food union street

Thursday: Stir-fry (steak and veggies) – Nope. We had Pork Chops, sweet potatoes, brocoli and cauliflower.  And it was delicious. Sai left for PEI (work) so he ate when landed there.

Friday: Chicken Parmesan (frozen, made by my Aunt) – Yes. Again, delicious. Friday morning, I took Lilly to Halifax as she spent the weekend with her Grandparents and Aunt. Easy dinner for me and Hilary had left overs from Thursday.

Saturday: Nothing planned. I took out frozen pizza from the other day….meh…nothing special.

Week #3 meals are already planned, I just have to choose which day we are having what meal. I’ll save the vegan meals for when Sai comes home; unknown at this point which makes it hard to really plan what day we will eat vegan. Plus, I still need to pick up a few groceries….I’ll share the plan in a few days.

Week # 2 – slight fail.

Have you ever messed up your “meal planning”?

Do you grocery shop with your significant other?

Are you a list girl/list guy or do you just buy food on the fly?

7 thoughts on “Meal Planning Week #2

  1. I usually go with a list because I want to get in and get out. Wandering around the grocery store never does me good. I have gone shopping with bf before and hes healthier than I am so no issues there haha.

  2. I messed up my meal planning this weekend. I was going to roast a chicken on Saturday but it took an eternity to defrost so I ran out of time and had to rearrange the whole meal plan for the week. I almost always shop with my husband because we don’t have a car and we live about half a mile from the grocery store so we need both of us to carry. I ALWAYS have a list or I end up having to go back over and over again during the week to get random things because nothing I have made actually amounts to meals.

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