I Think I’m Injured :(

Okay, you are either injured or not, there is no in-between…right? Well, I actually feel like I’m a little injured but not really, it doesn’t make any sense. Let me back it up for ya….

Early October I played in a soccer game and felt like I injured my knee. I did not have a collision or fall down. Later that night when my knee started bothering me I just thought it was because it was my first game back in two years. Let me back up a little more….I had baby #2 almost 12 months ago now.

I had a lot of hip/pelvis and back pain during both pregnancies but after Lilly (baby #1) it took me a long time to recover. Recovering from Hilary’s birth was a lot better so I thought my hips/back would be fine this time. I got to be honest, I don’t think my body is back to “normal” yet. During that soccer game in October I felt the same pain in my hip/pelvis but it has since gone away – yeah!

Remember these photos (baby Hilary inside):

Don't be jealous

Anyway, I’ve been to an osteopath which is like having magic hands heal you. She was able to pick out old injuries without me telling her! But I just feel like I’m injured again 😦 I went for a planned 30 minute walk last Thursday with Hilary and Maclean. When we got close to our house (2 minutes away) they were paving the road and we were not allowed to walk down the street. There are no sidewalks in our subdivision so we had to walk ALL THE WAY AROUND to get home. Instead of doing the full 30 minutes I cut across through the school, a soccer field and two baseball fields, through a path and then was about 4 minutes from our house.

We walked for a total of 55 minutes so when I got home I needed to stretch out my legs – mainly my thighs. Later that night I could barely walk up stairs or squat down with Hilary … it wasn’t a pretty sight. I decided to take it easy and put the Thigh Challenge on the back burner…. 😦 I was really into it and was happy I was able to check it off my list each day but my left thigh is still  tender. I’m throwing in the towel in hopes that my thigh will feel better. No soccer this week either and I’m not sure about running….we’ll just have to wait and see.

Walking, walking and more walking … and some stretching.

How was your weekend?

Do you get injured very often?

When injured to you slow down, stop working out or push through it ?


12 thoughts on “I Think I’m Injured :(

  1. Good for you for listening to your body. You can always postpone those thigh workouts until you’re back to normal- same great advice you gave to me about my half 😉 Hope you feel better soon! I’ve never had hip/pelvis pain, but I definitely can relate to the back pain 😦

  2. I don’t like to let a nagging problem turn into a full-fledged injury, so I tend to be a little conservative about them. 10 days of rest with daily ice can do wonders, depending on what kind of injury it is.

    Is it a muscular problem (sore thigh?) or more of a tendon thing (knee)? Muscular problems tend to come from acid buildup or bruising, which is another kind of inflammation. Those can only be healed through rest and anti-inflammatories, like cinnamon or advil. Rest up. If it’s more of a knee thing, that can easily be fixed with…. get this…. core work.

    Do some googling for Strength Training for Triathletes and you’ll find lots of core and ab exercises. My routine involves 10 pushups, 20 situps, planks, and some kind of rotational torso stuff. Whenever my knees start to hurt I’ll do that 4 days a week and the knee pain goes away in a week or two. Most tendon (hip or knee) problems come from odd form caused by weak ab/lower back/glute muscles. So strengthening these will make your walking/running easier and allow the injury to go away.

    • Thanks for the tips.
      Yup, ice, rest and a little anit-inflammatory isn’t helping. I’m dying for a good run but know I just need to rest..it’s been four days that I’ve been taking it easy and I’m planning on some light yoga tonight. I feel like I need a GOOD stretch.

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  4. Hi Piper, have you heard of gentle exercises called somatics? Osteopaths are amazing but ultimately you need to re-set muscle length and function at the level of the central nervous system, not by someone throwing you around on a table. That doesn’t change anything in your brain, which is what controls your muscles (and why people end up returning to osteos over and over again). You need to learn about somatic exercises. You can read more at this link – http://painfreefootball.com/blog/somatics/ – and if you have any questions, you can email me directly at painfreefootball@gmail.com.

    Hope I can help!


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