The Value of a DVD Workout

I’m a big fan of working out in the comfort of your own home; it save’s travel time, reduces any self-consciousness and no one needs to see how sweaty you get. We don’t have any big equipment (machinery) in our house  like a BowFlex, Elliptical or Treadmill for that matter…though I desperately want a treadmill (that’s a story for another day). I use DVD’s when I work out at home. Why? Let me count the ways (oh dear, I’ve been reading too many kids books after that reference).

1. I can work out when my girls are asleep

2. I can work out when my girls are asleep

3. I can work out when my girls are asleep.

No, seriously… I started thinking earlier in the day that I needed to do a little workout. After tweaking (not twerking) my left thigh last week, I decided to take it easy and rest for a few days. However, my body just needed to do something. It was raining heavily so I didn’t want to take Hilary out in that weather, especially since we are full of a nasty head cold. FUN! So, I decided on Yoga. I would to an easy yoga dvd workout, not the intense Jillian Michael’s Yoga Meltdown that I’ve attempted before.

A little hot yoga for me:

Hot Yoga at Home :)

Hot Yoga at Home 🙂

Well, I sure learned a lot in that one hour. First off, I’m not going to lie, I’m terrible at yoga. Second, Yoga was WAY easier when I was pregnant and had a baby protruding out of my belly. Third, Yoga is challenging. I decided that I need to get a beginner yoga DVD if I really wanted to get serious about practicing yoga. It got me thinking………

How much do people spend on work out DVD’s ? What do people actually get out of the work out? Do people use the DVD workout to its full potential or give up after a few attempts?

Piper's Run - collection of DVD workouts!!!

My old collection of DVD workouts.

I loved my Jillian Michael’s DVD workouts and I used them more than I think most people do. I also love having the easy access of a quick workout like Jillian Michael’s or Focus T25. It’s what I have time for. It’s what I am able to commit to as a Mom of two little girls. It’s what get’s me moving when I can’t leave the house unless I want to find a babysitter. It’s easy and if you don’t have a tone of money you can always use a DVD workout over and over again. A little bonus….you can wear whatever workout clothing you want to and no one will laugh at you.

Early this year I wrote a post about “How to Workout When You Have NO $Money$”. Click on the picture for some easy tips!

how to work out when you have NO money

Do you use any DVD workouts at home?

What’s your favourite?

How big is your collection of work out DVD’s?

Meal Planning Week #3

Since last week’s meal planning did go as well as I wanted to, I decided I need to get serious about week 3 early. I sat down with my favourite recipes and made a list of everything I wanted to make before I head back to work in two weeks. It helped me get organized for this week; grocery shopping, cleaning out some food and making room for new food to freeze and eat later.

Meal Planning for Week #3

Meal Planning for Week #3

This is what Week 3 looks like:

Sunday: Russian Chicken.

Monday: Salmon, Baked Potatoes, Carrots, Pea’s. (Just prepared everything and will start firing up the stove in a little bit.

Tuesday: Mexican Baked Penne.

Wednesday: Chicken a-la-King with Basmati Brown Rice.

Thursday: All Things Red Soup (I’ll share this recipe soon).

Friday: Vegan Sheppard’s Pie (If my husband is home….if he is not…..we might just have this or left over’s).

Saturday: Curried Cauliflower with Chic Peas  (vegan).

Meal Planning is part of my “Fall into Fitness 30 Day Challenge”. I’m hoping to get into the habit of meal planning so that when I return to work I’ve got my shit stuff together. If you missed the first two weeks of my attempt to meal plan…here you go:  Meal Planning: Week #1 & Week #2

What are your favourite eats?

How often do you cook/bake from scratch?

Have you tried any new recipes lately? do share 🙂