The Value of a DVD Workout

I’m a big fan of working out in the comfort of your own home; it save’s travel time, reduces any self-consciousness and no one needs to see how sweaty you get. We don’t have any big equipment (machinery) in our house  like a BowFlex, Elliptical or Treadmill for that matter…though I desperately want a treadmill (that’s a story for another day). I use DVD’s when I work out at home. Why? Let me count the ways (oh dear, I’ve been reading too many kids books after that reference).

1. I can work out when my girls are asleep

2. I can work out when my girls are asleep

3. I can work out when my girls are asleep.

No, seriously… I started thinking earlier in the day that I needed to do a little workout. After tweaking (not twerking) my left thigh last week, I decided to take it easy and rest for a few days. However, my body just needed to do something. It was raining heavily so I didn’t want to take Hilary out in that weather, especially since we are full of a nasty head cold. FUN! So, I decided on Yoga. I would to an easy yoga dvd workout, not the intense Jillian Michael’s Yoga Meltdown that I’ve attempted before.

A little hot yoga for me:

Hot Yoga at Home :)

Hot Yoga at Home 🙂

Well, I sure learned a lot in that one hour. First off, I’m not going to lie, I’m terrible at yoga. Second, Yoga was WAY easier when I was pregnant and had a baby protruding out of my belly. Third, Yoga is challenging. I decided that I need to get a beginner yoga DVD if I really wanted to get serious about practicing yoga. It got me thinking………

How much do people spend on work out DVD’s ? What do people actually get out of the work out? Do people use the DVD workout to its full potential or give up after a few attempts?

Piper's Run - collection of DVD workouts!!!

My old collection of DVD workouts.

I loved my Jillian Michael’s DVD workouts and I used them more than I think most people do. I also love having the easy access of a quick workout like Jillian Michael’s or Focus T25. It’s what I have time for. It’s what I am able to commit to as a Mom of two little girls. It’s what get’s me moving when I can’t leave the house unless I want to find a babysitter. It’s easy and if you don’t have a tone of money you can always use a DVD workout over and over again. A little bonus….you can wear whatever workout clothing you want to and no one will laugh at you.

Early this year I wrote a post about “How to Workout When You Have NO $Money$”. Click on the picture for some easy tips!

how to work out when you have NO money

Do you use any DVD workouts at home?

What’s your favourite?

How big is your collection of work out DVD’s?

22 thoughts on “The Value of a DVD Workout

  1. You are a rockstar if you can hang with Jillian. She is the bane of my existence. I have the Shred (one of the only exercise DVDs I own) and only stuck with it like a week.

    I’m not a big DVD user for workouts, but I do watch a lot of YouTube videos! Like you said…so convenient when the kids are asleep! My personal fave is Blogilates. The woman who does them (Cassey) is kind of obnoxious, but she is pretty motivating! Her ab videos are my fave. 🙂

  2. Years ago I put together an exercise area in the basement of our house and because we lived where it got to -40C sometimes, after years of running in the cold and snow, I sprung for a treadmill… and I did run on it for several years but really hated it.

    I had a STEP too, which I loved and had a stack of video tapes for, and other aerobics tapes too… and some hand weights and a contraption that had rubber bands instead of weights and a trampoline.

    When we moved onto the boat, I got rid of it all.

    Over the past few years I have been adding to my DVD collection. I have some Biggest Loser DVDs, Some JM’s and a GI JAYNE kickboxing workout that I really love. I also have some walking workouts and a kettlebell DVD.

    I love to work out at home. Not a gym fan here either.

    I just came home from walk to the library, actually, and got a yoga DVD for beginners. Iike yoga but don’t seem to take the time to do it very often.

    I think it is interesting that you found yoga easier when you were pregnant.

    • I would love to have a treadmill because there are days when it gets so cold (in Nova Scotia) that running outside isn’t good. And with two little ones I know I could always run when they sleep and still get my run in….maybe someday 😉

      I’d like to try a kettlebell workout…might try to attend a class first before I commit to buying a DVD.

      Love to hear that you walked to the library and got a yoga DVD!!!! That’s awesome!

      I LOVED yoga when I was pregnant, it made me feel amazing. Now, I just feel awkward when I do it, my balance is all off…it’s actually funny when you think about it!

  3. LOL too cute. I also love that when you workout at home, you can wear clothes that should not be in public (aka that shirt that is so old it has holes in it and massive yellow pit stains). I LOVE workout DVDs. It saves a lot of time (no driving to a gym) but someone is there to motivate you (hopefully). Do you like Jillian’s yoga DVD? I want to try yoga, but I want it to be challenging.

  4. I really want to get a yoga DVD. I love yoga but I can only afford to do it once a week. It would be great to supplement it with home workouts. Although I am worried I’d just cheat.

    • I can’t afford to attend a class either plus my husband is away so often that I would miss it more then I would attend. Try checking out a few on YouTube or at your local library.

  5. Yoga is a great workout, and the fast pace of vinyasa is challenging for sure! I miss it! Good reminder to start again. Love that hot yoga by the fire! 🙂

    I wish I used my DVDs more, but I do use kettlebells primarily these days, so don’t need a DVD for those workouts. However, I’d like to follow a couple good quality KB DVDs just to help mix up my routines. I even have some staring at me…

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