Achieve Massive Joy!

While doing yoga the other day I sat and read the back of the DVD case. It stated “These DVD’s will help you achieve health, fitness and massive joy”. I kinda laughed out loud. Really, massive joy? I dunno, I thought, what IS massive joy?

After the 60 minutes of yoga I didn’t feel massive joy but my body felt relaxed and well-stretched. This is something I need more of these days. The next day I felt stronger, calm, and less stressed out. I may have two pretty cute kids, a great husband, house etc., but it’s not all stress-free. Really, is anyone 100% stress free?

I felt really good and wanted to try yoga again. I took I took Ashley’s advice (from Chocolate Covered Race Medals) and looked up Tara Stiles on You Tube. {this might be my new favourite thing to do} I found two workouts I wanted to try, roughly 10 minutes long each.

1. Beginner’s Yoga.

2. Yoga Routine for a Deep Sleep. H-e-l-l-o !!!! This MAMA could use a little deep sleep. I’m sure all Mama’s could 🙂

Tired Mama & Hilary at 3 months old.

Tired Mama & Hilary at 3 months old.

Again, I did yoga by the fire and was cozy warm after my two sessions. Though I didn’t break a sweat, I spent 20 minutes between being active, stretching and relaxing and enjoyed it. Dang….I see where “joy” now comes from, “enjoyed”. Still not massive joy but I’ll take it.

I’m hoping a little yoga every night will help me sleep better, deal with stress better, make me stronger, more flexible, help with my running and more importantly a better mother and wife.

[Dear Running, don’t worry…I haven’t forgotten about you…I just needed to rest my body for a little while. See you soon, xo Piper].

Do you practice yoga?

What’s your favourite YouTube channel / person etc to follow?

Have you tried a new (to you) workout lately? Do share it 🙂